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The many different possibilities of Bulk SMS

The many different possibilities of Bulk SMS

The term ‘Bulk SMS’ says it all.

This way you inform a lot of people at the same time by sending an SMS. To give you an idea: Spryng sends around two million SMS messages a day to our customers’ customers, including many Bulk SMS. Yet many companies are not acquainted with the many possibilities that Bulk SMS has to offer. And that is a missed opportunity!

Send the same text message to customers or prospects at the same time. Regardless of the size of the target group. That is the great advantage of communicating via one simple SMS API. The name Bulk SMS was consequently chosen for a good reason. After all, Bulk SMS has a large number of uses to support companies in their marketing activities and the distribution of information to large groups.

What can you achieve with Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS can be used to send discount codes or a special, time-limited action. In short, as a marketing tool. Think, for example, of highlighting upcoming events. With Bulk SMS you can also collect registrations for events. Or inform your customers with informative messages about action periods. This keeps them up to date and that is greatly appreciated! Such actions can be anything: discount on all brand X shirts, or on a visit to your favourite tanning salon, restaurant or shop. And of course actions organised around holidays, such as discount on flowers or chocolate around Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. Think about what you want to tell your audience and Bulk SMS makes it possible. But Bulk SMS is not only used as a marketing tool. Since the corona crisis many businesses and stores are using Bulk SMS to inform their clientele about adjusted opening hours, to inform their customers they have to temporarily close the store due to corona regulations, or to guide their customers to the website so they can order products online. Yet another inventive way businesses can implement Bulk SMS.

The business Bulk SMS provider

Where can you reach your customers with Bulk SMS? That too is simple. At the leading business Bulk SMS provider in the Netherlands: Spryng. With more than 900 networks in over 200 countries, Spryng’s SMS Gateway has a global reach. Every day we send and monitor millions of SMS messages to our customers’ customers.

Safety first

Sending bulk SMS via Spryng is not only fast and effective, it is also safe:

  • Our SMS platforms, routes, applications and accounts are monitored 24/7.
  • Our systems are fully redundant and 100% reliable.
  • Our data centres comply with the strict ISO 27001 certification.

With our all-in-one SMS API, your message reaches everyone in your target group at the same time, regardless of group size or location. That is Bulk SMS sending as it should be. No start-up costs, no monthly costs. With Spryng you only pay for what you send.

Deploy Bulk SMS smartly, together with Spryng

Would you like to know what sending Bulk SMS can do for your organisation? We like to think along with you. So that from now on you can inform and activate your customers quickly, efficiently and at the same time. Call Spryng on 020 770 30 05 or send an email to Marc (


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