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Moving on from intern to Business Developer: Kaj’s story at Spryng

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Moving on from intern to Business Developer: Kaj’s story at Spryng

At Spryng, trainees are prepared for a job in the sector they have been studying for for several years as students. You don’t have to get coffee here as an intern, but you get a role with responsibilities and exciting tasks. After all, we firmly believe that this is the best way to put what you have learnt into practice. This is also the best way to discover whether we have talent in house – and to offer them a future at Spryng if possible. 

It is therefore more than common for interns to start working at Spryng after their internship and join as permanent employees. So did Kaj, who joined Spryng as a Business Developer after his internship ‘Sales & Marketing’. Follow Kaj’s story as we delve into his internship experience and seamless transition into a permanent team member.


Why did you choose to do an internship at Spryng?

Kaj’s journey with Spryng began as a pivotal choice amid the uncertainties of post-graduation. In light of his academic background in communications, Spryng’s internship provided Kaj with the invaluable opportunity to acquire comprehensive experience across various facets of the field. 

Kaj shared,”It was mandatory to start an internship during my studies,and I saw that Spryng was offering an internship that allowed me to gain experience in many aspects of communications, including sales and marketing, which seemed like a good option.” He continues: “I also envisioned myself working in the tech industry, preferably a startup. I enjoy the flexibility and individuality it allows while still working in group settings. Seeing the list of clients Spryng has worked with also helped me make the decision, just because I thought it would be cool to work with well known companies and brands like Coolblue and PostNL.”

Entering an office setting for the first time can be an intimidating experience. Kaj, with no prior experience in such environments, candidly shared initial reservations: “Thought it would be cold and not that friendly.” However, these concerns were swiftly banished as the welcoming and helpful atmosphere at Spryng shattered these stereotypes. Kaj noted, “Everyone was warm and welcoming, and there’s close communication between everyone. You can just walk up to the CEO and have a chat; it’s the same with everyone.” 


Becoming a part of the team

The beginning of the internship marked a unique phase for Kaj, who described the experience as “different.” Adapting to a 40-hour workweek presented its challenges, but the vigorous onboarding program played a pivotal role in easing this transition. Kaj appreciated the immersive approach to integration: “What I liked was that you immediately become a part of the team, you’re treated as a ‘regular’ team member, not just an intern.”

Navigating the onboarding process presented its own set of challenges, primarily centred around the adjustment to a full-time on-site schedule. Kaj admitted, “Working 40 hours, that’s definitely not something I was used to, but you get used to it really fast, once you get into a rhythm.”


Joy in teamwork and diverse tasks

The most enjoyable aspect of the internship, according to Kaj, transcends the typical intern experience. “Being part of a team involves dealing with a few smaller tasks like preparing lunch, but these responsibilities are shared with other interns and team members. You don’t really have any regular intern responsibilities like making coffee or copies.” Kaj emphasised the immersive nature of the work, stating, “I really like that you jump right into the work, with actual work-related tasks like talking to customers, making lead lists, sending out campaigns and things like that. ” 

The transition to a permanent role reflects Kaj’s commitment and enthusiasm for Spryng. “I like the company and the team; it’s a nice opportunity to learn and grow, and my internship showed me that this is the direction I wanted to go with. I’m really grateful for the opportunity, and I take it as a huge compliment.”


Balancing academics and career

The decision to stay was further solidified by Spryng’s commitment to flexibility, accommodating the diverse needs of individuals like Kaj. “One of the things that convinced me to stay is that it’s really flexible working at Spryng, with the workload tailored to my needs and other obligations. That’s another thing I really like, that management and the whole team is very supportive of personal goals, whether it’s school, sports or anything else.”

Addressing the challenge of balancing academics with increased responsibilities, Kaj believes that with flexibility, it’s manageable. “It’s not going to be too different, but time management is key.”


Looking forward to the future

As the internship concludes, Kaj reflects on the skills acquired, particularly in regards to expertise in sales. “I think I developed skills in sales conversations, learned how to do it more practically rather than in theory – like I did in school.”

Looking ahead, Kaj anticipates a shift in responsibilities as the permanent role begins. “The easier tasks will go to new interns, and I’ll start taking more responsibility and ownership over more intricate projects and outbounds.”

The excitement for the future role is easy to see, as Kaj envisions more outbound-focused tasks and a role in onboarding new interns. “I’m starting my new position in the new year, so it’s a fresh start for everyone. I think it will be more outbound focused, and also I’ll be partially responsible for the onboarding of the new interns, showing them how to do things so they could do it even better than me in the future.”


Advice for future interns

When asked about advice for future interns, Kaj shared insights garnered from personal experience: “Ask questions, take initiative, be eager to learn and embrace everything.” This is advised to all interns and employees starting at Spryng, since innovation is the core of the business. Employees are always encouraged to ask questions, share ideas, and to think outside the box.

Additionally, Kaj emphasised the value of taking ownership and seeking constant feedback. “To take ownership over my own tasks, at Spryng you’re given the opportunity to do that. Also requesting and receiving constant feedback and wanting to improve has definitely prepared me for the role.”

In conclusion, the narrative of Kaj at Spryng stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to fostering talent and providing an environment where individuals can thrive, learn, and seamlessly transition from an intern to a permanent team member. The integration of practical skills, flexibility, and a supportive team culture positions Kaj for continued success in his evolving role within the company.

Ready to step up your internship game? Dive into exciting opportunities at Spryng! From communications to sales and marketing, we’re all about breaking the mould. Join a crew of innovators where your voice counts. Check out the free vacancies on our careers page to kickstart your journey with Spryng! 

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