Our mission is to make your life (and that of your clients) easier

Every day we ensure that the ‘flows’ between people and companies are optimal. We are up to date about the latest SMS technologies, we apply them smartly and tailor them to our customers.



Our proven effect in healthcare


Founded initially for the healthcare sector

Hospitals were looking for a solution to reduce the amount of no-shows they were facing. This was the start of Spryng.



Sending out timely messages to patients has saved the healthcare industry several million euros per year.


SMS provider in healthcare

Many healthcare organizations already use the messaging services of Spryng, because of our expertise in the health sector.

Why choose Spryng?

Everyone can send SMS messages; creating customised solutions is a profession.

Value above everything

Adding value with evident results is the foundation of our success as an SMS provider.

Ultimate service

We give advice, ask questions, help and listen, 24/7. Working together allows us to deliver great solutions.

A deal is a deal

We promise what we can deliver and then make it happen. No excuses. Ever.

Focus on security

We only work according to the highest standards when it comes to the security and safety of your data and that of your customers.

Our team

We like to communicate directly and efficiently. So please call our CEO, Marc, directly. Or if you are looking to contact someone else? Fill in the form or call one of our offices.

Alexander Wanders
Founder & CTO
+31 20 770 30 05
Marc Rottinghuis
Founder & CEO
+31 20 770 30 05
Bianca Schepers
Operational Manager & Security Officer
+31 20 770 30 05
Eva Renia
+31 20 770 30 05
Jeroen van der Meulen
Head of Support
+31 20 770 30 05
Naomi Vonk
Customer Care & Satisfaction Manager
+31 20 770 30 05
Vicky Fokker
Head of Partnerships
+31 20 770 30 05
Charlotte van Neutegem 
New Business & Sales Manager
+31 20 770 30 05
Darian Papke
Sales & Support Manager Germany
+49 3 03 080 69 00
Héloïse Ortolo
Sales & Support Manager France
+33 18 488 87 83

SMS, tailor-made for your business

Spryng has managed to reduce the number of no-shows in the healthcare sector since 2006. That is why we initially started Spryng! Reduce the number of ‘no-shows’ and also save in unnecessary costs.

Discover how

Online shopping and SMS are ‘a match made in heaven’! You proactively keep your customers informed of the status and delivery of their order. This saves time and money throughout the entire process.

Discover how

Secure your (financial) systems with SMS to prevent unauthorised access. This is a reliable and accessible solution that saves hundreds and thousands of euros.

Discover how

"Sending SMS minimises the ‘no-shows’ with at least 60% and patients experience this as a special, extra service"
ErasmusMC sneds SMS via Spryng
"Never again a closed door due to the use of SMS"
PostNL sends SMS via Spryng
“By using SMS thousands of euros are saved yearly and many systems are more secure against unauthorised access”
Bank Santander sends SMS via Spryng

SMS in logistics, healthcare and finance

We help companies and institutions in the Benelux, from start-ups to big market players. By using SMS, we prevent uncertainties with our customers and their customers. This saves costs and ensures the ultimate ‘customer journey’.