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Menno Allijn: from Speedy Gonzales to Sales

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Menno Allijn: from Speedy Gonzales to Sales

Since July 2022, Menno Allijn has been working as Business Development Manager for the Dutch market as part of Spryng’s sales team. Previously, he was an intern at the SMS provider in Amsterdam. Menno combines work and study and, at 22 years old, is Spryng’s youngest employee (but with his height of 2.01 meters, certainly not the smallest).

Menno is a real sales guy; no challenge or customer is too crazy for him. From A to Z, he is involved in Spryng’s sales activities: looking for new collaborations, following up outbound leads and, if possible, closing a deal. Already during his internship, he was bringing in new customers. Do we need to say more? Definitely. Because he also contributes to the strategic direction of the sales team “to keep improving our performance.” And in the support department, he was nicknamed Speedy Gonzales because he had a support response time of… 20 seconds!

Why did you join Spryng?
“It is a vibrant and dynamic company with a team of young people. When I walked back into Spryng four months after finishing my internship, I immediately felt at home. My desk was decorated and I was warmly welcomed by my colleagues. Everyone here is hugely motivated to achieve the best results, in a fun and sociable way. Besides, you can always turn to someone for help or advice. This good atmosphere also ensures that I can develop within sales. And the get-togethers create a relaxed vibe. Whereas most companies have ‘Friday drinks’, at Spryng we don’t mind having drinks earlier in the week. That way everyone gets to know each other better and faster.” 

What do you do outside your work?
“I am in the final year of my Commercial economics degree at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences and have had the opportunity to do my thesis at Spryng. So working and studying already fill much of my week. To relax, I do martial arts and strength training and regularly go out with my friends and eat out.” 

Given his studies, Menno is currently working part-time at Spryng, but from January he will be back every day! And we at Spryng find that incredibly enjoyable. Not only because Menno is so good at chatting, but also because he has recently started to pull a lot of word jokes out of his sleeve. This to keep up with his colleagues, Nathalie & Luc (which, with Menno’s long legs, works out pretty well :)).

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