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Nathalie: “At Spryng, I was able to further develop my interests”

Nathalie: “At Spryng, I was able to further develop my interests”

Nathalie about her job as marketing & customer experience manager


She’s been working at Spryng for over a year as a marketing & customer experience manager but still can’t be followed when she calls her boyfriend. Why is that? We’ll come back to that in a moment. Because Nathalie is above all an enthusiastic, passionate colleague who likes to laugh a lot, reacts very quickly and communicates clearly.

Nathalie is responsible for many different tasks at Spryng, including the onboarding of new clients. Think for example of creating new accounts, drafting contracts and processing agreements. Furthermore, she is responsible for all first line communication and support. So chances are that you have had Nathalie on the phone or in the chat if you are familiar with Spryng. Did you know that she always responds within 4 minutes when you chat with her? In addition, she is also our marketing expert. She – along with her marketing team – takes care of all of Spryng’s content, such as blogs, press releases, newsletters and social media posts. 

What was it like to start at Spryng?

“On October 5, 2020, I walked into the Spryng office at Rembrandtplein. A strange time to start a new job, as most of my colleagues were working from home. Also, for the first time (as an Amsterdammer) I saw the Rembrandtplein completely empty. After my first week at Spryng it felt like I had been working there for months. The contact with colleagues was very nice. I was given the freedom and confidence to find my own niche in the work and processes.”

What exactly is the deal with these phone calls….

Nathalie is Portuguese and speaks the language fluently, in addition to English and Dutch. Recently she moved to Almere with her partner. With him she speaks Dutch, English and Portuguese all at the same time, so when she calls him at the office, everyone is confused. But apart from that, this smiley curly-headed woman communicates very clearly, fortunately. And that’s important because there’s a lot going on at Spryng.

“By now I have been working at Spryng for more than a year. In that short time many wonderful things have happened. We became part of the English Commify and we moved to a fantastic and vibrant location in the Hallen. The company has grown in terms of employees, but I have also grown as a person. After years of working mainly in sales I noticed that my interests were shifting. I was looking forward more and more to that one marketing day a week. Thanks to Spryng I have been able to further develop this interest. At the moment I am completely in my element as marketing and customer experience manager. It’s a position where I’m responsible for marketing activities such as social media and PR. But I am also in contact with the customer to optimise the customer contact and the whole customer experience at Spryng.”

International in more ways than one

Her international background fits Spryng perfectly. And so do her jokes. She sends out gifs all the time (pure enthusiasm!) and is very good at imitating her colleagues. She loves to make word jokes together with fellow word artist Luc.

“I am grateful to be part of an international organization that puts customer experience and support first, but as a team we also look out for each other, dwell on great moments and are given space for personal growth and discovering new passions.”

The Spryng team may be getting bigger all the time, but it is always immediately clear when Nathalie is at a team get-together. Because then suddenly Mediterranean and Portuguese music is blaring through the speakers. Vamos em frente!


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