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Create personalised campaigns and messages. For a unique customer experience and a (proven) higher Net Promoter Score (NPS).

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The value of
mobile marketing

Consumers open a mobile message 35 x more often than an e-mail. Boost your conversions further by personalising your campaign with landing pages, media or personalised videos. This is income that you do not want to miss out on.

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Sending SMS worldwide is easy. Link SMS to your customer journey and start today!

Help with implementation

We provide most implementations free of charge. Our team is happy to help you.

100+ integrations

Our Plug & Play extensions integrate with the systems you are already using.

Highest security standard

We are ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified, the only SMS provider in Europe with both certifications.

Easily connect
Bulk SMS

Our all-in-one REST API integrates easily with existing software packages and systems. Extra simple due to various SDKs, plugins and sample codes in different languages.

$spryng = new \Spryng\Client('YOUR_ACCESS_KEY'); $message = new \Spryng\Objects\Message(); $message->originator = 'Spryng'; $message->recipients = [31612345678]; $message->body = 'This is a test message.'; $Spryng->messages->create($message); const spryng = new Spryng(YOUR_API_KEY) const message = await spryng.message.send({ encoding: 'auto', body: 'Test message', route: 'business', originator: 'Example Company', recipients: ['31612345678', '31687654321'], reference: 'ABC123' })

Spryng is standard linked to more than 50+ systems.

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SMS coverage in more than 200 countries

With more than 900 networks in over 200 countries, our SMS Gateway has a worldwide reach.

Around 2 million SMS messages per day

Every day we send and monitor millions of SMS messages to our clients' customers.

25,000 clients have preceded you

To full satisfaction, because we promise what we can deliver and then make it happen. No excuses.

Safety first

Sending bulk SMS via Spryng is not only simple and effective, it is also very secure. SMS routes, platforms, applications and accounts are monitored by us 24/7.

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