Rich Media

Enrich your messages

Two-way communication with rich messages: Use images, audio, video and response lists for an unparalleled customer experience

Rich media messages

More communication options: add photos, videos, GIFs and live audio.

Personalised branding

Use your logo and corporate identity, making you recognisable and reliable.

Answer suggestions

Quickly start the conversation with answer suggestions.

All messages
in one overview

  • SMS and RCS

    Everything in one overview, easy to manage.

  • Real-time feedback

    An RCS 'Delivered', 'Read' or 'Typing': all visible.

  • Much more than just text

    Send and receive screenshots, files and much more.

Good to know

All the advantages
of RCS summed up

These are the 10 greatest benefits of RCS

  • Suggested answers

  • Send videos, GIFs and audio

  • Suggested User Actions

  • View delivery notes

  • Introduce AI in SMS

  • Register reading and opening time

  • Send HR photos

  • Customised in your logo and corporate identity

  • No MMS issues

  • Block conversations