Our mission

Becoming the greenest SMS supplier of Europe

At Spryng, we believe in a greener future. We are committed to sustainability through constant innovation and sustainable initiatives. Together with our customers and partners, we are working towards a future where every SMS sent, contributes to a cleaner planet. Step by step, message by message, we are building a sustainable world.

SMS is one of the most sustainable forms of communication

Member of MVO

Plant-a-Tree project

Spryng X Life Terra

Plant-a-Tree Project

For every new customer who buys just 1,000 SMS credits, we will adopt a tree in the name of your organisation. After you become a customer, you can adopt a tree at a location of your choice! You get the chance to follow the life of your tree and witness the tangible impact it makes. The tree you get, has been planted by Life Terra in strategic locations. A diverse mix of tree species is essential to their planting plan. They strongly believe in ‘the right tree in the right place’.

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Spryng X MVO Netherlands

Corporate social responsibility

As a partner of MVO Netherlands, we join a network of forward-thinking companies that are committed to sustainability. MVO Netherlands provides us with access to valuable knowledge, innovative ideas and best practices that help us achieve our sustainability goals (within and outside our of company).

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SMS as the most sustainable communication tool

Did you know that SMS is the most environmentally friendly form of communication? Compared to other methods such as e-mail, SMS has a much lower carbon footprint. Sending an SMS consumes less energy and causes fewer CO2 emissions. In addition, SMS helps reduce paper waste by providing a digital alternative to paper-based communication. Together, we make a difference, message by message.


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Would you like to become a Spryng customer and contribute to the environment with your personal tree? Or would you like to find out more about Spryng’s sustainability initiatives, don’t hesitate to contact us!