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Here’s what to consider when comparing Spryng with other providers

Here’s what to consider when comparing Spryng with other providers

It's sometimes hard to decide what to keep in mind when you're comparing SMS providers. At Spryng, we value transparency and our motto is "what you see, is what you get!". In this article, we therefore want to clarify what you should consider when you are comparing suppliers. Don't be taken by surprise and ask carefully what costs will be added. After all, not all suppliers are so transparent about the costs you have to pay. In this article, we will give you a hand. 

Compare SMS providers 

With clear pricing, no hidden costs and 24-hour (free of charge) support and customer service, Spryng enables businesses to navigate the complexities of SMS with confidence and clarity. 

Many other providers can lure businesses with seemingly low SMS rates, only to confront you with hidden platform fees, high support costs or even unreachable support. Their prices may seem attractive at first glance, but once you factor in these extra costs, the true costs become clear.

Support is free at Spryng: helped within 1 minute!

One of our main selling points is our support. Of course, we strive for you to need as little help as possible, because that means that everything goes according to plan. But sometimes things can still go wrong, or maybe you just like to have someone look over your shoulder. 

For example, suppose you use SMS for authentication and your users can't log in because they haven't received their authentication SMS. Not being able to log in can have serious consequences. This also applies to other situations, such as when you receive an SMS to open a secure email, make a payment, or anything else. Therefore, we think it's more than reasonable that you don't have to incur extra costs for support and that you can be helped within 1 minute. At Spryng, you can get support via email, chat and phone, and there is almost always a customer support person available who speaks your own language. Simply, well taken care of. 

If you want to deploy SMS for a use case that is crucial in your business processes, it is smart to choose a provider where you do not have to pay for support, where you are guaranteed to be helped within minutes, in your own language. Of course, this is quite separate from the average SMS price, which goes up considerably when, at the bottom of the line, you also have to pay, sometimes even a fixed monthly fee, to get support. With some providers, this quickly runs into thousands of euros. 

No minimum purchase of SMS messages on a monthly basis

With Spryng, you do not have to purchase a minimum number of messages. Unlike many other providers, where you are often required to purchase a certain number of messages per month, we offer flexibility with no minimum requirements. With other providers, you run the risk of still having to pay for the predetermined minimum number of messages, even if you don't reach this number. With Spryng, you only pay for what you actually use, with no unnecessary obligations or costs. An important consideration to take into account if you don't send the same volume of SMS messages every month. 

Important when comparing SMS providers

With many messaging vendors, companies face additional charges on top of the base price of SMS messages. These additional charges can include onboarding fees, platform fees and surcharges for priority routes for authentication traffic. Adding these extra services can add significantly to the final cost per SMS. It is therefore wise to include these factors when calculating the total cost of using a messaging service. Comparing different providers based on their pricing structure and inclusion of additional services can help make an informed choice that suits the company's needs and budget.

Scenario price query comparing Spryng with alternative SMS provider 'Company X'

When comparing costs between Spryng and Company X, let's look at a scenario for sending SMS messages. At Spryng, we offer transparent prices, e.g. 0.045 cents per SMS. If you want to use multiple accounts or sub-accounts, we charge accessible fees for that. So the price per SMS is easily calculated based on these factors.

At Company X, a price per SMS is offered, let's say 0.044. However, in addition to this base price, there are additional costs that affect the final price per SMS. The following is an overview:

  • Minimum monthly purchase of 40,000 messages: This makes you pay even if you send fewer messages than this minimum.
  • Support costs: A flat fee of €500 per month.
  • Platform fee: An additional amount of €45 per month.

Let's include these costs in an example calculation:

Say you send a total of 30,000 SMS messages per month, while you expected to send 40,000.

At Spryng:

  • Cost per SMS: 0.045 cents
  • Total cost: 30,000 * 0.045 = 1350.

At Company X:

  • Base price per SMS: €0.044 cents
  • You don't reach the agreed 40,000 messages, so unfortunately you do have to pay for 40,000 messages. Total cost despite not reaching the minimum purchase: 40,000 (0.044 * 40,000) €1,760
  • Support costs: €500
  • Platform fee: €45
  • Total costs at Company X: €1760 + €500 + €45 = €2305.

As you can see, the base price per SMS at Company X seems to be slightly lower, but the additional costs for unmet minimum purchase, support and platform fees can significantly increase the final cost compared to Spryng. It is therefore essential to consider all these factors when choosing a messaging provider.

Ready to experience the advantage of Spryng?

Don't settle for the next best SMS solution. Choose Spryng and experience the difference for yourself. Contact us today to find out more about how Spryng can take your communication strategy to the next level. Your organisation's success is our priority and we are here to help you every step of the way. Find out more on our website:

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