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Luc: “If I have questions or just want to consult, I can knock on anyone’s door”

Luc: “If I have questions or just want to consult, I can knock on anyone’s door”

Luc about his position as the Country Manager for the DACH region

As the Country Manager for the DACH region at Spryng, Luc is responsible for all sales, marketing and commerce in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He also supervises the German trainees. The German-speaking region is tailor-made for him as Luc grew up in Switzerland and moved to the Netherlands when he was fifteen. His job at Spryng is ‘the best of both worlds’. 

The man of puns, that’s Luc. Silly, funny, original, you name it. Luc makes them up as he goes along. Or as he says himself, “You’re here five out of seven DACH a week, so it’s all the more important that you have a good time.” He seems to do that well, just as he does well in another feature of the Spryng team: hard work.

Luc: “After working in online and affiliate marketing for eight years, it was time for something new. I ended up at Spryng, a completely different sector and product, but also the company culture was different from what I was used to. I came from a rather corporate consulting firm. What struck me at Spryng was the warm welcome. I quickly felt at home in the team and was very well supported. Spryng is proof that hard work and achieving common goals combine perfectly with having fun.” 

What also appeals to him are the short lines of communication. “If I have questions or just want to consult, I can knock on anyone’s door, including the CTO’s and CEO’s. And there is a lot of room for personal development at Spryng. If you want to get better at something, or want to go deeper into something, they will find a way for you to do so.

In addition to fun dinners and drinks, activities are organized outside the office walls for everyone to participate in. Luc: “Successes need to be celebrated, with the whole team of course! For example, last summer we went paddle boarding with colleagues in the canals in Amsterdam and recently we went bowling and laser gaming together.”

Great for Spryng of course all that hard work, but Luc also has other interests. He eats apples from his own apple tree and he likes to be busy in the kitchen. Luc loves to make good food and to eat good food! But he compensates those extra calories with various sports sessions before he goes to work. For balance we shall say. Now what about those puns, do you have a fun example? “I think everyone on the team can make a pun out of their name thanks to me, which changes almost weekly. What about mine? How about Luc-ky me?”

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