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Spryng & Cryptshare nominated for Computable Awards 2021

Spryng & Cryptshare nominated for Computable Awards 2021

“And the winner is…”

We are a bit proud, because along with our partner Cryptshare, Spryng has been nominated for the Computable Awards 2021 in the category ‘Security & Digital Forensics’. “The nomination is a nice boost for the cooperation between the two organizations,” said Lucien Barink, General Manager Cryptshare Benelux. CTO Alexander Wanders of Spryng: “Data security has always been priority number 1 for the customers of both organizations. With this cooperation, this will be even better. “

The nomination for the Computable Award 2021
The Computable Awards are considered as one of the most important awards within the ICT sector in the Netherlands. The nomination of Spryng & Cryptshare and the nine other companies was not random. First, a group of 21 Computable experts has judged all nominations in the category ‘Security & Digital Forensics’. Then a general jury determined the ten nominees. Not only did they look at what makes the companies so special, but also at the specific product. Roughly speaking, simplicity, reliability and security were the deciding factors. The cooperation is based on certified security standards that build trust and enable protection, especially in particularly sensitive industries such as healthcare and the public sector. Read about the details of the reasoning behind our nomination here. 

Cast your vote
Whether Spryng and Cryptshare can turn their nomination into an award, is for 50% determined by the readers, the market, the public, in other words, by you! Of course we hope you will give Spryng and Cryptshare your vote. This is very simple via this link:

Vote here for the Computable Awards 2021

You can vote until Sunday, October 10th. By then we will keep an eye on the calendar, because the winner will be announced on the 2n of November.

Our cooperation with Cryptshare
By connecting Spryng’s SMS gateway with Cryptshare, maker of encrypted communication solutions, passwords such as OTP and 2FA, for encrypted emails and files are sent very easily and user-friendly, via an SMS message. Both companies are ISO 27001 certified. Spryng is also NEN certified, a specialization for data security in healthcare. And Cryptshare complies with the NTA7516 standard, for secure exchange of medical data in healthcare via email. 

Spryng is not only pleased with the nomination by Computable but also happy with the cooperation with Cryptshare. CEO Marc Rottinghuis of Spryng: “As an SMS provider with roots in healthcare we know how to handle information and data: namely according to the highest security standards. With Cryptshare we share the same values. Through our partnership we take the protection of our customers’ data to a higher level. Through the use of One Time Passwords (OTP) and Two Factor Authentication (2FA). And our customers benefit greatly from that.”

“With the cooperation with Spryng we offer our customers a solution that is ready to use for the exchange of passwords via the SMS channel with which a solid 2FA is realized. With this, Cryptshare offers next to the pre-agreed password and the One Time Password technique a third method for authenticating the receiver of a secured Cryptshare message,” said Lucien Barink, General Manager Cryptshare Benelux.  

Want to know more about data security via the SMS Gateway?
At Spryng we know how important securing your data is (and that of your customers). We have been working with healthcare institutions and medical information at the highest security standards for years, where extra security via SMS (OTP or 2FA) is no luxury. And all that with one simple SMS API. Want to know what we can do for your organisation? Call or email Spryng, phone +31 20 770 30 05 or send an email to Of course, you can also send us an SMS. 

Oh, and don’t forget to vote. For us, if we may be so bold. 🙂 

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