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Nicolas: “I always hated Monday mornings, until I started working at Spryng.”

Work at Spryng
Nicolas: “I always hated Monday mornings, until I started working at Spryng.”

Business Development Manager Nicolas Clevenbergh


His name gives it away a bit. Nicolas comes from Belgium. So it’s not surprising that he focuses on the Belgian market at Spryng as a business development manager. Together with his colleague Sven, he works hard to increase the reach of Spryng at our southern neighbors. By doing a lot of outbound sales and following up incoming Belgian leads, among other things.

Matching colors
We haven’t figured out how they do it yet. But Nicolas and Sven (together the Belgian team of Spryng) often manage to show up at the Amsterdam office with clothes in the same colors. As if they agreed. What we do know about Nico is that he is very fond of the cultural sector. He loves drama, theater, music and dance. And if we had told Nico in early 2021 that he would be living and working in Amsterdam before the summer, he probably wouldn’t have believed it. How did that come about?

No regrets
Nicolas: “My Spryng story begins on May 17, 2021. A few weeks before that, I received a phone call in Brussels asking if I wanted to embark on a new adventure. ‘And oh yes, you should also move to Amsterdam’.” I’m someone who doesn’t like to stand still, I try to enjoy every moment, so I didn’t have to think twice about this chance. We’re now over a year further and I haven’t regretted my decision to leave Belgium and move to this beautiful city for a moment.”

Close cooperation
In addition to his work for Spryng, Nicolas also works on himself. With the help of self-help books, he strives to be the best version of himself. He is doing a great job, according to his colleagues. Nico is energetic, social and has a huge network. This soon became clear very quickly: on day 3 at Spryng he had already had all kinds of drinks and parties in Amsterdam! Nicolas: “So far, Spryng has definitely delivered on its promises regarding the open culture and nice workflow. I have the feeling that the whole team is pulling on the same rope. We all strive for the same goal: to move the company forward by working closely together, communicating openly and creating great team moments.”

Thanks a lot
Nicolas is grateful for the opportunities he is given at Spryng. “Both professionally and personally, I am given room to grow. My input is listened to and my goals and priorities are taken into account. Every day feels like a party in the workplace. From cozy delicious lunches to laughter-filled get-togethers and other fine activities after work hours. Like many people, I used to hate Monday mornings. But since I work at Spryng, I’m already eager to start the new working week on Sunday evening. In short, as we would say in Belgium: ‘Nen dikke merci voor alles, gelle zijt nog nie direct van mij vanaf’.’ “

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