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“I recognize myself in Spryng’s philosophy.”

“I recognize myself in Spryng’s philosophy.”

Country Manager Belgium Sven van Wassenhove:


He has been working for Spryng for almost two years now and when it comes to SMS and Belgium, Sven van Wassenhove's heart starts beating faster. Only 29 years young but as Country Manager for Belgium he is responsible for all sales, marketing and commercial activities in our neighbouring country. Well, Sven, we want to know more about that!

Chances are that Sven is on the phone again when he is at work. Because turning a lead into a satisfied customer is his thing. He also supervises Belgian and French trainees. Sven: "As Country Manager I take care of the growth of the market potential of Spryng in Belgium and I manage the team and the sales activities. An ideal role for me, with lots of challenges, variety and responsibilities. Spryng is very keen on innovation, the latest technologies and the growth of employees and trainees. We all go the extra mile, as a team and for every customer."

What is it with you and Belgium?

Sven: "Brussels has always been the common thread in my life. I grew up there, studied there and I am a supporter of the biggest soccer club in Brussels, Anderlecht. But I also wanted to do things outside of Belgium. The corona crisis was a wake-up call for me. A good time to evaluate certain things, like where I want to go as a person. So I took the step to leave family and friends, the best beer, fries and the city of my heart for Amsterdam."

What's your connection to Spryng?

"By chance, I stumbled upon an interesting opportunity at Spryng. After an exploratory meeting, I immediately met the two founders, Marc and Alexander. Ambition, pride, enthusiasm and friendliness were all evident! I could immediately identify with the philosophy and dreams of the company. I packed my things in moving boxes and was dropped off in Amsterdam by my brother. It felt like the first day of school, but the people at Spryng did everything they could to make me feel at home in the city, in the company and in the job. Now we're a year on and I still stand 100 percent behind my choice, which led to professional and personal growth and meeting a new love. So you could say that Spryng has had a big positive impact on my life."

Do You have a concrete example of how Spryng made you feel at home?

"When I had just started at Spryng, I had been training for a marathon for a while. I decided to run it on my own on a cold, wintry day in February. In retrospect, a crazy idea, but because of the support of colleagues, I did it anyway. The encouragement, a bunch of flowers and countless congratulations afterwards made me feel proud and connected to the company. That was cool!"

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