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Less pressure on (emergency) care thanks to Medi-Link

Less pressure on (emergency) care thanks to Medi-Link

Smart web application deploys SMS for secure transfer of medical photos

In the healthcare sector, simply sending or receiving a photo to/from a healthcare provider is not that simple because of AVG regulations. While in many cases it is sufficient to share a photo when assessing a complaint. Medi-Link has come up with a solution for this. With this web application, healthcare professionals can request photos from their patients quickly, easily and securely. Without downloading an app. Simply by sending an SMS message.

Medi-Link was born out of practice. The mother of founder Megan Oosterbaan, has years of practical experience in primary care, as a triage operator at a GP surgery. She knows that by sharing a photo many complaints can be assessed remotely. This saves time for both the patient and the healthcare providers. Especially in emergency care, this is valuable time. So by requesting a photo you can avoid unnecessary consultations. And that is precisely the aim of Medi-Link: to prevent unnecessary consultations in GP care. So that healthcare professionals are kept (more) free to provide care to patients who really need it.

Media-Link saves valuable time

Medi-Link is used for complaints where it is suspected that a physical consultation is not necessary. Also with complaints about which there is doubt during triage, a photo can provide more clarity. Patients are happy because they do not have to come to the practice or to the GP post. And assistants and GPs are happy because they have more time for patients who really do require a physical consultation.

 Accessible for everyone

The vision of Medi-Link is that everyone should be able to send photos to the doctor or doctor’s assistant in an easy and safe way, including the elderly and the digital illiterate. So without complicated login procedures or an app that has to be downloaded. With Medi-Link this is not necessary.

“We are extremely happy with Spryng as a reliable partner. 

The collaboration gives us room to focus on optimizing our application. This way we can continue to provide the best and safest remote care.”

– Medi-Link –

Send data securely with SMS

So how does Medi-Link work? Quite simply, with an SMS message. The healthcare provider sends an SMS with a secure link to the patient. The patient can use this link to safely send photos of skin abnormalities and other visible symptoms. Fully in accordance with the AVG regulations. The SMS Gateway of Spryng is used by Medi-Link to reach patients in a fast, user-friendly and super secure way. Often during the phone call with the triage operator an SMS is sent to the patient. The SMS arrives almost immediately. The patient can upload up to four photos via this link. This allows the triage operator or physician’s assistant to assess the complaint remotely without wasting time.

To read exactly how Medi-Link works, click here. 


“By using SMS, we have been able to prevent more than 12,000 physical consultations in one year.”

– Medi-Link –


Less pressure on care with SMS

Over 15,000 SMS messages have been sent through Medi-Link in the past year. According to the healthcare providers who use Medi-Link, a physical consultation is spared in more than 80 percent of the cases. This means that by using SMS, Medi-Link has prevented more than 12,000 physical consultations in one year. The cooperation with Spryng for this SMS service has been good from the start: “In short: correct explanation, good support and super fast support. It’s nice that the service from Spryng is so high, because that’s also what we want to offer our customers. When a support question came to us about SMS, I often had a substantive response from Spryng within an hour. Really nice!”

Worldwide reach

For Medi-Link, it is also very nice that Spryng can send SMS worldwide. “When we expanded to Bonaire, it was nice that Spryng offers the possibility of sending SMS to any foreign phone number. We now make full use of this: in Medi-link, the healthcare professional can send an SMS to any mobile number. In other languages as well.”

Want to know more?

If you are a general practice or other healthcare provider and would like to learn more about Medi-Link’s services, please visit the website or watch this video.  

Contact Spryng for more information on smart SMS applications in healthcare +31 20 770 30 05 or Besides SMS, our specialty is thinking along with solutions. To make our customers work more efficiently, to save costs and to make life more pleasant with simple SMS messages.

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