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‘Jouw omgeving’ is a safe environment, thanks to SMS

‘Jouw omgeving’ is a safe environment, thanks to SMS

The literal connection between Spryng and the Dutch company ‘Jouw Omgeving’ is a fact, in terms of integration, support and further development, the companies fit together perfectly. We are therefore pleased with this collaboration, which revolves around focus, security and ease of use. Time for a closer acquaintance with Bart Heesink, CTO of Jouw Omgeving. 

What is Jouw Omgeving?

“Jouw Omgeving is part of the Avinty group. It is an eHealth platform for online treatment, guidance and self-help. Clients work together with relatives, networks and care professionals in a safe and transparent way. This creates trust, improves communication and provides insight into progress. Jouw Omgeving helps clients to get a grip on their own lives.”

What do you deploy SMS for?

“Security is of utmost importance to us and therefore it is crucial that the access to the portal is secure and reliable. For an extra layer of security we use Two Factor Authentication (2FA). By means of an SMS message, a one-time code is sent, as an additional security when logging in.” 

Why did you choose Spryng as your SMS provider?

“Since we switched to Spryng we have had no more support questions from customers that the SMS did not arrive. SMS messages now always arrive within 10 seconds. 90% of the messages are even much faster. Spryng pays a lot of attention to the customer and thinks along. We have never needed the support department because the service is flawless. 

Because the service works so well, it is almost taken for granted by users and us, but through previous experiences with other providers I can say with certainty that Spryng’s service transcends them. As we know ourselves as a software provider, you often only hear about the things that go wrong and not the things that users are happy about. That’s why a compliment for the reliable and fast service is appropriate here.”

“I can really recommend Spryng! Besides the reliable service and
very friendly people, the delivery time of SMS messages is amazingly fast.”

Bart Heesink – Jouw Omgeving

What other aspects were important in choosing a new SMS supplier?

“Because we work with sensitive data, we place a high value on security and privacy. We also expect this from our partners. The fact that Spryng is ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified and 100% AVG proof was also a real plus for us.” 

Also curious about smart SMS applications for your organization?

We are happy to help customers and the customers of our customers to log in safely to online environments, for example. But there’s much more you can do with our SMS Gateway. Want to know more? Contact Spryng today: +31 (0) 20 770 30 05 

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