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How SMS ensures optimal email marketing

How SMS ensures optimal email marketing

About Spryngs partnership with CanopyDeploy from Team ITG.

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

This quote is from Steve Jobs and is relevant for Spryng. For us, partnerships with other companies are crucial to guarantee optimal SMS services. Take Team ITG, as an example. As an expert in e-mail marketing, Team ITG supports companies with CanopyDeploy. This is specially developed software for realizing more effective marketing campaigns. And in doing so, SMS is used for almost every conceivable application:

  • to support e-mails;
  • as a reminder to perform an action previously sent by email;
  • to inform customers about the arrival of a deliverer and/or mechanic;
  • as a reminder to pick up a product;
  • to draw attention to information messages (e.g. from the KWF that one has to rub in);
  • in case of number verification.

In short, SMS is used for many communication moments by Team ITG. To give you an idea: in March of this year, more than one million SMS messages were sent via CanopyDeploy!

Fast and reliable delivery of SMS messages

For CanopyDeploy the cooperation with Spryng is important to offer a competitive and stable SMS solution to their customers. Or, as our Team ITG colleagues put it: “Thanks to Spryng’s market knowledge and solution-oriented attitude, we have reached an integration that guarantees a fast and reliable delivery of the messages. This enables us to offer our customers a competitive price in the market”.

“Thanks to Spryng, our customer now saves a lot of costs on an annual basis because no more messages are sent to incorrect phone numbers.”

Good feedback to customer

All CanopyDeploy-customers send standard SMS via Spryng, in total more than 800.000 SMS per month. “A great result was achieved with the migration of Wickes, a do-it-yourself chain with more than 230 branches in the UK. After an initial test run, ten percent of the phone numbers in their database turned out to be invalid. Wickes’ previous supplier never made this clear. Thanks to good feedback from Spryng, they now save a lot of costs on an annual basis because no more messages are sent to incorrect phone numbers”.

About the platform CanopyDeploy

CanopyDeploy is a complete platform for email marketing, marketing automation, the creation of customer journeys and lead nurturing. With the flexible drag & drop features you can easily and quickly click together emails, campaigns, landing pages, profiles and dashboards. Why do customers like Ziggo, Transavia, Fletcher Hotels and Renault choose CanopyDeploy? For this reason, for example:

  • Easy-to-use software
    With the drag & drop features you can easily click emails, campaigns, landing pages, profiles and dashboards together. So you don’t need any HTML knowledge at all!
  • Support
    Can’t you get out for a while? Our helpdesk is ready for you every working day between 8:30 and 17:30! The Support Engineers have in-depth knowledge of CanopyDeploy so you can quickly get back to work.
  • Deliverability above 99 %
    With an average deliverability of 99.77% and the many authentication techniques, CanopyDeploy has an excellent reputation among Internet Service Providers, like Gmail and Outlook.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of CanopyDeploy for your organization? Feel free to take a look at the website of Team ITG or call one of the experts on +31 (0)30 698 80 80.

Want to become a business partner of Spryng?

For questions about Spryng’s SMS services, the possibilities of SMS sending for your company or possible partnerships, feel free to call Marc Rottinghuis of Spryng. He can be reached at telephone number 020-7703005.

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