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An SMS for every new customer of e-bike to go

An SMS for every new customer of e-bike to go

Because SMS gives the insurance of good contact

The Dutch people are all about cycling. Sometimes it seems like they were born between two wheels. And even though there are more bicycles than people in this small country, the corona crisis has given the bicycle industry another major boost. Electric bicycles in particular are on the rise. The founder of e-bike to go was well aware of this a few years ago. It was the first company to offer e-bike subscriptions in the Netherlands. What does that have to do with Spryng’s SMS Gateway? We explain it below.

You’ve probably seen them driving by: the e-bike to go bikes with the bright green rims. Not to be missed in the streetscape. And you can’t break them either, by the way. Because these e-bikes are designed to be virtually unbreakable. That makes them very popular with companies and delivery companies. For more than six years now. 

Sustainable transport for everybody

In 2015, Jelle Visser founded e-bike to go. Jelle Visser: “We stand for BAAS: ‘Bicycles As A Service’, our subscription model for bikes. The idea behind it is to deliver a strong product with a high degree of flexibility. And it works! A growth of 598 percent in the past three years and a fleet of 10.000 e-bikes in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany makes us market leader to this day. With only one goal in sight: to make sustainable transport available to everyone.”

SMS verification for new customers

With flexible terms, fast delivery and perfect service, e-bike to go continues to keep its promise: make sustainable transport accessible to everyone. And the SMS Gateway from Spryng helps with that. Jelle: “Via the SMS Gateway of Spryng we automatically send an SMS to every new subscriber. With this SMS, customers can authenticate themselves quickly and easily. And safely. Because it’s hard to commit fraud with an SMS verification.”

“By using Spryng’s SMS verification, we always have
the correct number of the customer. This makes maintaining contact easier
and our customer database remains a lot more accurate.”
Jelle Visser (e-bike to go)

Better communication

The results of these one-time SMS messages are well visible. E-bike to go always have the correct phone number of the customer because of the SMS verification and can therefore always reach the customer. “Before we worked with Spryng, we regularly had incorrect phone numbers of customers. It was usually a typing error, but it was also regularly the case that an incorrect number was entered deliberately.” With SMS verification, at least that is a thing of the past. 

Want to know more about verification via SMS?

The team at Spryng will be happy to tell you more about it. Or about one of the many other applications for automated SMS messages. Because in many cases using SMS is the smartest and easiest communication solution. Read more about it in the article ‘Using SMS to communicate with customers’. Or call Spryng on 020 – 770 30 05 for free advice or a demo account.  

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