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Using SMS to communicate with customers?

Using SMS to communicate with customers?

Spryng explains why.

SMS is a very effective and safe communication tool that is being used by more and more organisations as a permanent part of their communication strategy to optimise processes, save costs, and increase customer loyalty. At Spryng, we understand why, but for those of you who are new to business SMS, we would like to summarise the reasons for using SMS.      


1. Immediate Delivery
SMS is very fast and efficient. An SMS message is delivered within seconds, even if there is no wifi network nearby. Therefore, A (marketing) message will reach the target group almost immediately. 

2. High opening rate
More than 90 percent of SMS messages are read by the recipient within three minutes. No other communication tool delivers these results. 

3. Personal 
An SMS message is experienced as very personal, because it is delivered directly to the mobile phone of the recipient. And since smartphones are almost always within reach these days, an SMS ‘lands’ directly in the hands of the customer. This way, you easily get the personal attention of your target group. 

4. Affordable 
Sending SMS is cost efficient, especially if you use bulk SMS.  Also, in comparison with other means of communication such as TV, radio and print media, SMS gives much more affordable results. 

5. Worldwide reach 
SMS messages can reach millions of people simultaneously, at any moment, and wherever they are in the world. This is because SMS is the only technology that works well with all mobile operators worldwide. So SMS really does work (literally) connecting.

6. Easy to use
Because of its ease of use, SMS has become a popular communication tool worldwide, because everyone, young and old, knows how to open a message, read it and send an SMS. In addition, SMS messages are always concise, clear and structured, due to the limitation of 160 characters.

7. Precision
SMS offers the possibility of approaching a specific target group very specifically with an appropriate (marketing) message. Delivering the right message to the right group of people is possible with SMS. This not only promotes sales but also improves communication with (potential) customers/visitors.   

8. Direct
Various studies have shown that more than 90 percent of adults have their mobile phone within reach 24/7. Therefore, SMS is one of the most direct ways to communicate with customers, next to a personal meeting and a phone call. Since the last two options are a lot more complicated (time-consuming and expensive), it is clear that SMS also comes out as the best option available.

9. Time efficient  
SMS is a real ‘time saver’ in several ways. SMS texts can be planned well in advance. And your message can be sent to a large group of people in one go. That saves an awful lot of time!

10. Traceable  
An SMS message can easily be traced using the so-called delivery reports. These reports show you how efficient and successful your SMS campaign is and what works best for your organisation. This way you get the most out of your future marketing campaigns.   

11. Reliable
Where e-mail often ends up with spam and junk e-mail, SMS is a safe way to communicate. Mobile phones do not have a spam box. So when you send SMS messages, you can be sure that your message will arrive safely. Even if a mobile phone is switched off, an SMS message will be delivered within 48 hours. 

12. Easy to automate
We mentioned earlier that SMS messages have a high open rate, but if you combine that with automation, for example by integrating one simple SMS API, you can quickly and easily reach large groups of people. With the SMS API of Spryng, you can easily expand your reach and you’ll have a marketing tool at your disposal. This can also be interesting for smaller companies, because it allows you to manage the sending and receiving of SMS, but also KPIs and other important tasks.

13. Ideal for time-sensitive offers
Because SMS messages are opened so quickly after receipt, sending SMS is a good way to send time-sensitive messages, such as a short-term promotional offer. For example, you can use SMS services to send appointment reminders, special offers or local notifications. The short text in combination with a link at the end is ideal to quickly attract attention and get a quick response.


Inform customers quickly

SMS messages can also be used to keep people informed about the latest updates of a company or brand. If you want to share a malfunction, an innovation or any other news about your organisation with your customers, you can do so quickly by using SMS. Some companies even have a special SMS number to answer people (partly automatically) when they want updates about the company. It is important to determine a good frequency; you don’t want to irritate customers with too many SMS messages.

SMS fits within the marketing strategy

SMS is not a strategy in itself, but it is an effective part of the marketing strategy. More and more marketers are discovering this. They embrace SMS and see that it fits perfectly with unique promotions, quick updates and other things your target group can take action on quickly. SMS marketing is a powerful tool to boost sales and keep your customer base alive. The open rates of SMS messages are much higher than those of other messages and they reach people in a more personal way. 

Quick start with SMS in your organization?

If the reasons above aren’t enough to convince you of the power of SMS, we’d love to explain it all again. Just face to face. Sending business SMS does not have to be complicated at all. With one simple SMS API from Spryng you can arrange everything. Curious about the possibilities of SMS for your organisation? As the SMS specialist in the Netherlands, Spryng advises you without any obligation and tailored to your needs. Mail or call us for more information or a free quote: or +31 20 770 30 05

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