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What value does good support have to us? (Spoiler: the greatest!)

What value does good support have to us? (Spoiler: the greatest!)

In Dutch there is a saying that “a complaint is free advice”. In our opinion this is entirely true. At Spryng however we prefer to prevent customers and relations from being unsatisfied with our SMS service or other messaging issues that we provide as an SMS provider for companies and institutions. In fact, we prefer to call ourselves client-obsessed.

For Spryng (and for Spryng’s customers), “client obsessed” means the following:

  • Our work is always part of a flow between companies and people or between people and people. As an SMS provider we also communicate with the customers of our customers. We dive into this flow between companies and people (until we understand it from the beginning to the end), we therefore also know how to eliminate certain obstacles for our customers and their customers. An example from a hospital is that we found out that the no-show problem was actually due to patients taking too long to find a parking space. This problem was easily solved by sending an SMS message with information about where the parking garage is full and with information about where to park. The solution can be as simple as that!
  • Many companies can send SMS and Bulk SMS. Spryng however also guarantees super speedy and adequate support on our SMS gateway. For example: in the first six months that we have had a live chat function on our new website the first response time has gone from less than five minutes to an average of only two minutes per chat. The closing time of a ticket is now well under seven minutes. Our team is always keen to tackle small and large problems and solve them. This is what makes our customers happy, and our team even happier.

Customers on support at Spryng

These figures may speak for themselves, but for us the experience of our customer remains the most significant. That is why we have included some of the feedback we received from customers after they had called the support team at Spryng:

 “Clear solution! Calm on the phone and queries he couldn’t answer directly, were looked into straight away. “

“Thanks, the explanation was superb.”

“I am super excited about your service. Keep up the good work. “

“There was a quick answer, and it solved my problem. Exactly what I was looking for. ”

 “Quick and professional.”

“The call was fast and went well. Also I now know what I can do next time to download the file myself. ”

“Dealt with quickly, great work.”

“What a fast service. This makes us happy. ”

The conversation was good and actions were done rapidly. “

Send SMS via our SMS gateway?

Save costs, optimise business processes and make your customers happy. Simply with one SMS API from Spryng that works within every sector, from logistics to retail, from healthcare to business services. We are happy to think along and create customised solutions for your company.

Contact Spryng on +31 (0) 20 770 30 05 or send an e-mail to Marc (

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