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Wesley: “You can feel the excitement here”

Work at Spryng
Wesley: “You can feel the excitement here”

Wesley about his first job (at Spryng).

If you ask a random colleague at Spryng; who qualifies for the title ‘perfectionist’, chances are that the name Wesley Kennis will be mentioned. But ‘philosopher’ also scores high. Still, in daily life Wesley is mainly concerned with the continuous optimization of business processes, as Project Manager.

How did that happen? In early 2021, Wesley began his graduate internship at Spryng. Shortly after, he completed the International Business & Management course (sure, with great grades). Since July 1st, Wesley has been working full time at Spryng. And he is doing a great job. Working in an international environment is no problem for Wesley; he did an internship in Singapore. And during his studies he participated in an exchange program in Paris.

“At Spryng you work in a versatile environment where you can develop yourself personally and professionally. That’s why I chose this company. Because even though Spryng is a company and a brand, it’s mainly the people here who make it a great place to work. I was welcomed with open arms and quickly felt part of the team. The office is buzzing and you can really feel the excitement!” 

 Although he started as a New Business Developer for the Dutch market, it was soon clear where his real passion lay. At Spryng Wesley is responsible for coming up with new ideas and starting and leading new projects. Whether it’s about sales or marketing processes, internal or external, Wesley continuously thinks along to improve processes, so we can work more effectively and efficiently. He is also responsible for changes on the website. According to his colleagues, Wesley does not like it when things are not in place. And he likes to spend hours on perfecting a small design thing on the website. Philosophizing about how mini details can make just that one difference. Could that possibly have something to do with his perfectionist nature?

“While writing my thesis, I learned from many different people: from insiders within the telecom market to front-line employees in logistics. In addition, I came into contact with developers, designers, growth hackers and consultants. The short lines of communication within the company made this a valuable learning experience full of best practices. I would therefore like to thank my colleagues for this great opportunity.”

You’re welcome Wesley. We’d love to philosophize further about our shared ambitions over one of your three cups of coffee a day. Deal?

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