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Using SMS to prevent hay fires

Using SMS to prevent hay fires

New and innovative ways to use SMS are continuously being developed. The most recent example of this is the use of SMS to help prevent hay fires. The Finnish company Quanturi offers a new solution against hay fires, called HAYTECH, which improve safety on farms.

HAYTECH is a wireless temperature monitoring system. The system has been established for heat sensitive products and automatically alerts owners of the system by SMS if the temperature in these products becomes too high. The recipient of the SMS can take immediate measures to prevent the possibility of fire and damage.

The system is extremely suitable for hay bales. Heating from within the hay bale often causes hay fires. Every year many fires occur due to this, which can now be prevented with HAYTECH’s system.

Yke Roelevink, responsible for the Quanturi agency in the Netherlands, explains that the system has been developed in such a way that it registers and analyses all temperature measurements. “Making bales with too high level of humidity makes it possible for heating can occur. The bacterial and fungal growth that arises forms a health risk for animals. In the worst case, the temperature rises to such a high level that the entire bale goes up in flames.”

The use of SMS will therefore not only prevent fire hazards, but also helps to prevent health risks for the animals on the farm. Spryng has proven the advantages of using SMS for years and is happy to help your company discover how you can use SMS to make business easier, safer or more efficient. Sometimes something as simple as an SMS can be the solution to a problem!

Would you like to find out what the possibilities of SMS are for your company? Please contact our team at Spryng today via +31 (0) 20 770 3005 or by e-mail at for a personal advice.

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