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Using SMS for marketing purposes

Using SMS for marketing purposes

Many companies have experienced that SMS can be a great medium to improve the efficiency of several business processes. But there is more SMS can do for your company! SMS is also an ideal communication tool for marketing purposes.

SMS has an extremely high delivery guarantee and because almost all SMS messages are opened and read within five minutes, this is a very effective mode of communication. In addition, the percentage of recipients who click through to, for example, a link is many times higher than when compared to e-mail. This makes SMS marketing an excellent way to reach your customers.

SMS marketing is one of the quickest and most popular marketing methods to communicate notifications, reminders, contests, sales events, announcements, sales, the launch of a new product and/or discount vouchers to your customers.

Two-way communication with your customers is also possible via SMS.

A short code or a virtual mobile number (VMN), also known as a long code, offers the solution. Short codes and VMNs are simple and interesting because they allow customers to interact and respond within a couple of seconds by sending an SMS reply. Short codes and VMNs can be used for a wide variety of applications, including competitions, promotions and charity events. With SMS marketing it is possible to encourage interaction with your customers, this means that a simple short code or VMN can support your SMS marketing campaign. In addition, you offer your customers the opportunity to easily unsubscribe for future marketing campaigns with a simple reply by SMS.

It is also possible to send an automated reply to incoming SMS messages. When you set up an SMS campaign, you can set up a response that is automatically sent out when your customer sends a reply. With this function, you can provide immediate customer service even though your support team may not physically be available at that moment.

Spryng offers all the functionalities mentioned above. In addition, Spryng offers the possibility to easily import phone number lists and remove duplicate numbers. This makes sending out a campaign by SMS even more straightforward. You can also choose to have Spryng coordinate the entire campaign for you.

The SMS service and support from Spryng is available 24/7. Spryng uses direct routes that are reliable and guarantee a quick delivery of your SMS messages worldwide. Contact Spryng today and get informed about the possibilities of SMS marketing for your company.

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