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Use SMS to offer your customers safety on the road.

Use SMS to offer your customers safety on the road.

Winter is coming and temperatures are dropping, Christmas markets are being set up and lights and decoration fill the streets. Cold weather also brings problems with it and this needs to be taken into account to ensure safety on the road.  High time to inform your customers to get their car ready for winter!

Winter tires
In the Netherlands the weather is becoming more extreme and that is why winter tires have become essential. Although many people think that winter tires are only useful in conditions of snow or hail, however this is untrue. Winter tires are effective at a temperature of 7 degrees or lower. Winter tires are made of a softer type of rubber with a deeper profile, so that rain, mud and snow are drained quicker than with summer tires. In addition, summer tires harden at low temperatures and therefore lose their grip. This leads to unnecessary accidents on the road, which in turn leads to many traffic jams, delays and trouble for motorists.

This is why it is especially important that all motorists exchange their summer tires for winter tires. As not everyone remembers to do so, you can remind your customers by SMS! With a short and direct message you can inform everyone of the importance of winter tires. You can remind your customers that your garage sells the tires and that you can fit the new tires for them. When winter passes, you can also send an SMS to remind them that their tires can be exchanged again. It is wise to do so, as winter tires wear faster on hot road surfaces. Furthermore, sending SMS messages to customers are not only limited to changing tires, you can also communicate tire checks, MOT inspections or when a car has been repaired and ready for pick up.

Not only tires need to meet certain requirements. The entire car must be as safe as possible and for this reason MOT inspections exist. This is an obligatory inspection to promote road safety. As a garage you can keep track of when your customer has had an MOT, so you know exactly when your customers are due for another inspection. You can play into this by sending your customers a reminder by SMS a month in advance. Customers experience this as a pleasant, extra service. They can now make an appointment for the MOT inspection in time and at a suitable time and date for them. As a car garage this increases your turnover and you also ensure that customers have a valid MOT, preventing them from receiving fines and ensuring their vehicle is safe.

In addition, when the holiday and ski season starts you may want to send your customers special promotions or discounts for this period. What better way to inform your customers by SMS of your promotions?

In addition to MOT inspections or winter tires, there are many more possibilities for sending SMS that Spryng is happy help you with. If you are a car dealer and you have new cars available or if you have specific campaigns during the holidays, you will want to inform your current customers, as well as potential customers. Spryng sets up successful SMS campaigns together with customers and has proven to be an effective partner to work with. Interested to know more about the use of SMS? Contact us by telephone, no strings attached, on +31 (0) 20-770 3005 or by e-mail to The support team at Spryng is happy to assist you 24/7!

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