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Transport and SMS

Transport and SMS

SMS services can be used in several ways. SMS is also widely used within the transport sector, although one might not immediately think of transport when they think of SMS. However this communication channel is often used and we would like to inform you of a few useful applications.


Travelling by coach is a very easy and relaxed way of travelling. In this day and age, travellers no longer want to print out confirmations. Many companies have therefore developed their own app. This allows them to communicate with customers in an approachable way. However there are also customers who, for whatever reason, are unable to use and download the app. For this reason a hybrid solution has been created.

A hybrid solution means that if customers do not have the app installed, they will receive an SMS with the same information as they would otherwise have received through a push message from the app. The content of the SMS message can vary from a confirmation code, to changes in the timetable or personal messages.

Coach companies can for example also use SMS to send passengers the license plate number of their bus or to send the boarding location and a precise time indication of when they will be picked up. Also when the coach crosses country borders, SMS is an excellent means of communication to inform customers about the scheduling and any changes that may occur.


Another widely used application is paying for parking by SMS. Drivers no longer need to move back and forth to parking meters or leave their parking receipt in sight behind their windscreen. All the necessary data is processed via their mobile phone. On top of that; paying for parking by SMS leads to less parking costs.

Using SMS for parking can be used in multiple ways. One possibility is sending an SMS once the car has been parked; this will activate the parking time. On departure, another SMS is sent and the parking action is terminated. The great advantage of this is that you only pay for the actual parking time.

Another option is to pay the parking credit in advance by SMS. An estimate is made of how much time is required for the parking action and this amount is paid at the moment the car is parked. Once the parking period has almost expired, the driver receives an SMS with a reminder and is given the option to extend the parking period. The driver also receives a notification by SMS when parking in a zone with a duration limitation of, for example, 1 hour. This also prevents a possible fine.

To sum up; using SMS for parking has many advantages. The driver saves on their parking costs and can coordinate everything simply via their mobile phone. Do you want to know how SMS can used to optimise business processes for your company? The team at Spryng is happy to help and available 24/7 to discuss the possibilities with you.

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