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The use of SMS in the hotel industry

The use of SMS in the hotel industry

To make life as easy as possible for customers, companies want to be able to respond to the wishes of their customers. In the hotel industry; a sector where people expect service, atmosphere, relaxation and luxury, this is essential!

SMS remains one of the most effective means of communication in this sector. With just one simple push of a button, you are able to reach all of your customers directly. As nowadays, everyone carries their mobile along with them wherever the go.

When hotels send important information by SMS, guests perceive this as a good service.

Informing travellers on time of certain changes helps avoid disappointment and negative emotions. Providing any extra information is also greatly appreciated and customer satisfaction will benefit significantly!

For hotels there are several examples where SMS can be used. Some of these are:

  • Confirmation of the booking, including details regarding changes or cancellations.
  • SMS with information on how the hotel can be reached. This could include information about public transport or the possibility of reserving a taxi.
  • SMS on the day prior to arrival with an overview of the booking.
  • Information regarding the Wi-Fi password and other room details.
  • Confirmation and/or a reminder of restaurant reservations.
  • An SMS on the day prior to departure: “We hope you have enjoyed your stay. Your checkout time is until 10 AM. If you want to extend your stay, you may do so by sending a reply to this SMS. “
  • Once the customer has checked out of the hotel, it is possible to send a short questionnaire by SMS.
  • SMS is also an ideal way to communicate special offers and discounts.

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