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The power of SMS in healthcare

The power of SMS in healthcare

Targeted or long range? An SMS message comes in. Always.

What is the best and fastest way to reach a group of people? Or just that one person, who might otherwise not show up? These are questions that are relevant to any organization, but certainly to healthcare institutions and healthcare providers. After all, when communication between clients and care institutions runs smoothly, healthcare works more efficiently. And that, of course, is good for everyone’s health. But which communication tool is so fast and reliable that it can be securely linked to your patient database?

SMS is actually impossible to imagine in the healthcare sector without it. And that makes sense when you see the impact of an SMS message. Whether it is a simple appointment reminder or a link to an instruction. With an SMS you inform the right target group at exactly the right time with a clear message. The limited number of characters in an SMS message (160 to be precise) forces the sender to communicate concisely. And that increases the power of the message. But there are more advantages to using SMS in healthcare. We list them for you below:

Crystal clear message

A text message arrives. Not like an email in a crowded inbox, but just – ping! – on the phone. Because of the short text and the relatively quiet environment of the ‘Messages’ app, an SMS really stands out much more. And the message comes across well, loud and clear.

SMS has a high ‘Open rate’

The fact that your message really arrives via the SMS Gateway is also evident from the figures. The open rate of an SMS is unprecedentedly high at around 97 percent. If you know that almost all SMS messages are also read within three minutes, then it is obvious why SMS is such a powerful means of communication.

SMS lowers ‘no-shows’

It is common knowledge that an SMS appointment reminder significantly reduces the number of ‘no-shows’. We also know this from our own experience with our SMS services in the healthcare sector. Millions of euros are still being saved by sending a simple SMS message to patients and clients as a confirmation and reminder of an appointment. Because fewer ‘gaps’ in the agenda prevents unnecessary costs. From staff standing by to equipment and rooms not being used optimally. In these times, where there is great pressure on healthcare and every euro counts, this is a considerable gain. But the impact of an SMS message goes further. 

SMS increases engagement

With a friendly and informative SMS message, you also make your patient aware that he or she is being counted on. An SMS message is often the start of a treatment and gives the patient just that little push to come to the appointment with confidence. 

So those 160 characters are a low-threshold, effective way of communicating. It ensures that there are far fewer ‘no-shows’ and that saves unnecessary costs. And a service message by SMS is also highly appreciated by the recipient. So with one SMS message you simultaneously increase the service and involvement of your patients. And thus increase customer satisfaction! 

Guaranteed safe communication

A One Time Password or Two Factor Authentication are often sent via an SMS message. This guarantees the privacy and security of patient data. But there is much more possible in the field of SMS and security. Because if you engage a provider that is ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified, you are assured of the protection of confidential and privacy-sensitive information. ISO 27001 is the world standard for information security. NEN 7510 focuses on healthcare providers and suppliers that process personal healthcare data (such as SMS providers). Spryng is the only SMS provider in Europe that has these two certificates. Spryng guarantees the safety of your data and that of your clients. And that’s one thing less to worry about.

SMS in crisis situations

In emergency situations, for example if your staff or clients temporarily do not have access to the Internet or do not own a smartphone, SMS is also a reliable option. SMS is supported by every telephone system. And it works even if there is no good range. So you can always count on it in crisis communication. 

Low costs

SMS is more economical than making a phone call or sending a letter, especially if it is bulk SMS. And the cost of SMS is also lower compared to means of communication such as TV, radio and print. Moreover, with the right provider, you will not pay any start-up or other hidden costs. Only paying for what you actually send is possible with reputable SMS providers like Spryng.

SMS in addition to an email

SMS can also be a nice addition to email marketing and communication, you can read in this article about the power of SMS in combination with email.

Convinced? This is how you use SMS optimally

That SMS in healthcare is a powerful tool, is something we have hopefully demonstrated above. Now to get the most out of your SMS messages, the following tips are helpful to put into practice:

  • Keep it simple’ 

Short messages have a threshold lowering effect. And attract more attention than long texts. 

  • ‘Loud & Clear’ 

Communicate clearly. The clearer the message, the better it will be received. And read.

  • ‘Send & Remind’

By linking the SMS API with your appointment system, the correct date and time are in the SMS message. Always. 

  • The power of Twice’

Let messages reinforce each other. For example, by not only sending an appointment confirmation by SMS. But also a SMS reminder, just before the appointment. Such an extra moment of communication strengthens your message.

  • ‘Anticipate to participate’

An SMS message lends itself perfectly to proactive communication. For example, sending a link that leads to a page on your website with more information about aftercare or side effects of medication. 

Get started easily with a single SMS API

Curious about the power of SMS for your healthcare organization? Do you want to know what SMS can bring to your organization? Then the step to an SMS API is very simple. With an SMS API you can easily send large numbers of personalized SMS messages from your own website. It’s a piece of code that allows your platform to ‘talk’ to the platform that sends the SMS messages. So that you can communicate with your target group safely and quickly. All over the world! 

The benefits of SMS API

Spryng has numerous Plug & Play extensions that we integrate with the systems your organization already uses. Our SMS API offers you the following benefits, among others:

  • You decide the sender, text etc. of your SMS message.
  • There are 111 languages available with 1 SMS API. 
  • The SMS messages are delivered directly to the mobile providers. 
  • SMS calls (dialog) are also possible with a virtual mobile number or short code. 
  • Insight into the performance (extensive reports and possible error messages via error codes).
  • You have the possibility to send SMS messages in large numbers (bulk SMS).
  • With one API you have more than 900 networks in about 200 countries at your disposal (global coverage) 
  • Scaling: Spryng automatically adjusts capacity to maintain stable, predictable performance. 
  • Flexible payment: You can choose from a prepaid subscription or payment by invoice afterwards. 

The SMS provider in healthcare

Since its founding in 2008, Spryng has been working for the healthcare industry. It all started with the mission to reduce the number of ‘no-shows’ in healthcare. Now, almost 15 years later, our SMS API is connected to just about all EPD, authentication and notification systems in healthcare. And we facilitate SMS services for over a thousand healthcare organizations. From dental practices to hospitals. And from pharmacies to private clinics. Because SMS service messages (such as an appointment reminder) not only ensure that patients show up more often at their appointments. With all the benefits that entails. With an SMS message you also show that you can empathize with your patients. That caring for each other is the greatest good. And that everyone benefits from it. 

“Sending SMS as an appointment reminder minimizes ‘no-shows’ by at least 70 percent. In addition, patients experience this as a fantastic service.”

Erasmus MC

SMS creates a connection

Within minutes of connecting the SMS API to your healthcare system, the connection is made and you can start sending SMS messages. No long lead times, no technical tours de force. Just get started right away with that extra service via SMS. Would you like to try it out yourself? Then create a free test account here. Or let us make you an offer without engagement, completely tailored to your organization.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about the effect of SMS in healthcare? Or how to reduce the workload of your staff through SMS? Spryng knows all about it. We are happy to advise you about the possibilities of SMS and messaging for your specific situation.

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