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The added value of SMS for the government

The added value of SMS for the government

“On Monday the 4th of December at 12 o’clock noon, the government will send out an NL-Alert audit message. If you receive the control message, you can be sure that your mobile is correctly set up for NL-Alert “(crisis, 2017). This is a good example of how messaging can help the government in communicating with citizens. Various government institutions use SMS for notifications for appointment reminders and authentication.

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Various government institutions, including municipalities, are constantly improving and optimising their services. They use SMS to communicate in a straightforward manner with their citizens and to provide an excellent service. An SMS Gateway contributes to a better and safer service and a more effective way of communicating.

SMS notifications regarding the status of a specific subjectsms government institution
Citizens are informed by SMS when their passport or travel documents can be collected. In order to prevent peak moments and crowding at the counter, municipalities can choose when and at what time they send out an SMS. This avoids queues, creates a more effective way of working and citizens are satisfied with the speedy service as a result.

Appointment reminders by SMS
Research has shown that many citizens forget to take essential documents to their appointment. For example their collection letter, the expired document or a passport photo. By reminding them beforehand by SMS this problem is prevented, which results in a more effective way of working for municipalities. Citizens experience this SMS service as very pleasant.

SMS authentication
Employees who work from home and need access to specific documents have the option to log in externally via SMS authentication. The employee receives a fully automated SMS message with a login code. SMS authentication contributes to a secure environment.

In short, SMS Gateway offers the possibility to send citizens a fully automated SMS. This can be done when driving licenses or travel documents are ready to be picked up, for appointment reminders or for SMS authentication. Could our SMS Service be of great help to your organisation? Start using our services today! For questions you can contact us at +31 (0)20 770 3005 or send an e-mail to

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