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The added value of SMS for Retail & E-commerce

The added value of SMS for Retail & E-commerce

The effectiveness of SMS is also high in the retail and e-commerce branch. Via the SMS Gateway, customers can proactively be informed about the status of their online ordered product.


More and more retailers are informing their customers by SMS when and at what time an ordered product will be delivered at their home. In addition, an SMS message can also include information about what time an ordered product can be picked up in the store, this is called “click and collect”.

Increasing turnover

Sending an SMS notification to inform a customer to pick up an ordered product ensures that a customer comes to the store quickly. Once at the store, the customer is also encouraged to purchase other non-ordered products, which contributes to an increase in turnover. In addition to an increase in turnover, it has been shown that SMS in the retail sector significantly reduces the number of customers seeking contact with customer service.

Cost reduction

Retailers can use an SMS Gateway to let customers know when an ordered product will be delivered at home. This process runs entirely automated and ensures a significant cost saving. When customers know when their ordered product will be delivered at home, they will ensure that someone is there to receive the product. This reduces the no-show and ultimately saves costs.

Benefits of SMS

Customers can of course also be informed by e-mail about the status of an online ordered product. However, experience and research has shown that e-mail alone does not realise the desired result. For example, SMS messages are read better and quicker than e-mails as most people are not constantly behind their computer. They do however always have their mobile phones within reach. In addition, mail traffic according to mobile marketing watch (2017) often ends up in the spam mailbox and the open rate of e-mail is about 20%, while this percentage is 98% for SMS.

Altogether the added value of SMS for the retail and e-commerce branch is high. Get started today with Spryng’s SMS Service! For questions you can contact us at +31 (0) 20 770 3005 or send an e-mail to The support team is available 24/7!

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