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The added value of SMS for recruitment & planning

The added value of SMS for recruitment & planning

An increasing number of employment agencies use Spryng’s SMS services to schedule in their employees. A smart move because using this service not only saves you time, but money too!

Filling vacancies in a work schedule can be extremely challenge for companies. Contacting flex-workers or part-timers by telephone is a time consuming and costly matter and sending out e-mails doesn’t seem to be the ideal medium to communicate with effectively. This is due to the fact that the open rate for e-mails is only 20%, in contrast to the 98% open rate of SMS messages.

Sending an SMS can therefore help when planning in your staff. Spryng’s SMS Service is an ideal service to contact the right people quickly and easily. Many employment agencies and employers are very pleased with the service Spryng provides them.

Using the SMS service
Flex-workers and part-timers receive an SMS message with information regarding dates and time slots of a specific shift. They can then indicate whether they can fill this shift by answering ‘YES’ or ‘NO’. The entire schedule can be filled in automatically based upon the responses sent by SMS.

recruitment & planningAnother way to use the SMS service for scheduling is to let the staff schedule themselves in online. Employees are invited by SMS to fill in their availability in the online employee portal. Employees who haven’t sent their availability after the set deadline will then receive a reminder by SMS.

Sending a reminder by SMS is very effective and can also be used for various other matters. Including keeping track of the amount of hours worked or planned holidays.

SMS for communicating job vacancies
SMS can also be a great tool to communicate with a specific target group when job positions are available. In addition to the fact that the public is reached directly, sending an SMS messages has the great advantage that nearly all messages are opened and read immediately. This makes communication by SMS much more effective than e-mail.

In short, SMS is an effective and efficient communication tool for scheduling employees. Especially for flex-agencies, using our SMS service saves a substantial amount time and costs. The service can be used for both the communication of ad hoc situations and standard vacancies. Due to the flexibility and efficiency, numerous employment agencies chose to implement Spryng’s SMS services.

Spryng has technical links with all Dutch recruitment and planning systems, such as ORTEC, OTYS, YellowYard and Monaco. If you use one of these systems, you can start sending SMS messages directly via Spryng straightaway. Our SMS Service can perfectly be used for all the above purposes. Is your company ready to excel in effectiveness of planning and communicating with your employees? Don’t hesitate to wait any longer and contact Spryng today via (020) 770 3005 or send an e-mail to

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