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Take a logistical lead with Spryng

Take a logistical lead with Spryng

A smart tool for transportation and distribution companies.

SMS services can be found today in numerous companies and sectors. And that’s not surprising because it is a smart and safe way to communicate. In the logistics sector as well, SMS is being implemented. In transport and distribution companies, courier services, and so on. These are often applications of SMS that increase service and efficiency and reduce costs. Also for small to medium-sized logistics companies, the SMS Gateway is a relatively inexpensive means of communication without high overhead costs. In the transport sector, where competition is often high and margins low, innovative entrepreneurship is therefore of great importance in order to not lose market share. And that is where SMS comes in. 

SMS for transport companies

Fast and reliable communication is a must for transportation and distribution companies. Buyers, salespeople, service providers, drivers and customers, all depend on accurate information when delivering goods consistently. Effective communication is therefore crucial for the smooth flow of goods and packages. In this regard, SMS acts as a spider in the logistics web, as transport and logistics companies in particular benefit optimally from the application of SMS. It is a perfect means of communication for many purposes. From mobile alerts to appointment reminders and delivery status notifications. Below we give you a number of examples of the use of the SMS Gateway for the transport sector

– Improve processes
SMS simplifies your logistics with automated pick-up, delivery and status notifications to your customers and drivers. With a simple text message, you send the correct (or new) contact information or new orders to the driver.

– Send updates to customers
You can inform customers about order status and delivery time by SMS. For example, if a truck driver is stuck in traffic due to an accident on the highway, he can quickly let the customer or the warehouse know via SMS how much the delivery is delayed. In this way, the next link is also better prepared for its own logistics process. Win-win! And your customers are quickly informed via SMS message in case of stock shortages, back order deliveries or system failures. 

– Send payment reminder via SMS
Never paid too late again. With SMS, you send a payment reminder to customers easily and automated!

– Always up-to-date information ‘on the road’
With an SMS message, you inform drivers quickly about last-minute schedule changes. No internet connection is required to receive an SMS, and it provides an immediate alert on the phone. Hence the high ‘open rate’ of SMS (about 97%)! Research has shown that people are more likely to see, read and respond to messages on their phone than any other form of communication.

– SMS provides clear planning and overview
SMS is also very useful as a tool for scheduling. It works very efficiently in making work schedules and delegating responsibilities. So for the transportation industry, 24/7 in motion, SMS is definitely a smart tool!

– Safety first with SMS
SMS also gives employees and customers the ability to securely log into your business systems. Via 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) it is in fact extra safe to log in. A verification code is sent to your phone by SMS. Securing digital environments can be that simple!

– SMS marketing actions
SMS services can also be used for promotional campaigns. For example, by informing customers about a temporary offer. Unlike e-mails, SMS messages are not seen as spam. And they don’t ‘drown’ in a large quantity of messages as is often the case with e-mail. SMS is also excellent for sending surveys asking for feedback about a delivery or service. Very simple, with a link to the online survey in the SMS message. Useful if you want to optimize your service even further.

The benefits of SMS 

The beauty of SMS? It’s short and fast. There is no delay between the time the message is sent and the time it reaches the recipient. In transportation and logistics, where real-time updates and clarity are of the utmost importance, SMS is therefore a valuable communication tool.

SMS messages also reduce telephone contact and the number of calls from both customers and drivers. And that’s nice, because phone contact takes much more time than sending or receiving an SMS. Since everyone with a cell phone knows how SMS works, you don’t have to spend time teaching users how to use it. 

All services under one roof with the SMS API

SMS for transportation and logistics companies is easy to integrate into existing systems using one simple SMS API from Spryng. So you can communicate cost-effectively, quickly and securely with customers, drivers and employees.

Want to know more? Call Spryng!

With the integration of Spryng’s SMS API, you will take your company’s services to ‘the next level’. We are happy to help you on your way with our smart SMS solutions for transport and logistics. That will certainly keep the momentum going! For more info or an informal talk, call +31 020 770 3005.

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