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Spryng – your partner in delivering the One Time Password (OTP) via SMS

Spryng – your partner in delivering the One Time Password (OTP) via SMS

The SMS provider Spryng is your new partner in delivering the One Time Passwords via SMS. This service is also called SMS authentication.

Spryngs´ SMS Gateway is connected with the Multi Factor Authentication systems like RSA, SafeNet, SMS PASSCODE, Secure Envoy and Sonic Wall. Hereby it is possible to make use of Spryngs SMS services within a few minutes. The implementation of the SMS Gateway does not require any complicated procedures. Because of the high quality and worldwide coverage of the SMS Gateway, a lot of institutions like hospitals, banks and municipalities chose for Spryng as SMS provider.

The reason why increasingly more companies make use of the two way SMS authentication is that amongst others 90% of the passwords –that are made by internet users- are prone to hackers. According to Deloitte, even the longest and most complex passwords are not secure anymore. The usage of not reliable passwords is resulting in a worldwide loss of billions of euros, especially in the financial branch. Therefore, the SMS authentication is increasingly more used in order to give access to employers to their online working place or the company´s network. The employer visits the website of the company and consequently fills in his mobile number. Then, a fully automated SMS message including a code, is sent via a secured connection to the mobile telephone. This code gives access to the secured environment of the company. By means of this procedure, the user will be identified.

Next to the fact that the security of the company´s networks and online working place of the employers are improving, the SMS authentication also results in economizing costs because physical tokens like a smartcard, can be easily replaced by a One Time Password per SMS.

Because Spryng has physical platforms in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, UK, Spain and the United States, it is capable of maintaining very good relations with the local telecom operators and also to offer its clients the best quality routes against the sharpest prices. Therefore, international companies chose for the SMS services of Spryng.

For more information concerning the SMS authentication or other SMS services of Spryng, contact Spryng by telephone +31(0)20 7703005 or


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