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Spryng, the specialist in the area of SMS authentication, Two Way Authentication

Spryng, the specialist in the area of SMS authentication, Two Way Authentication

A lot of clients of Spryng, especially municipalities and healthcare institutions send extensively passwords via the Spryng SMS Gateway. The reason for this kind of usage is, that the SMS Gateway of Spryng is specially developed in order to be connected to the SSL VPN systems RSA, SafeNet, Secure Envoy and SonicWall.

Increasingly more companys and institutions use the “Two Way Authentication” which is also called “One Time Password” (OUP). This application is used to enable employees to log on in a secured network of the company or institutions where they are working for.

Because the memory of a person is only able to remember 5 passwords on a long term, people use the same password for numerous amounts and not only one. According to Deloitte, it was found out in a study that amongst 6 million recently created passwords, the 10.000 most created passwords were giving access to 98,1% of all accounts. Deloitte only sees a solution in creating stronger passwords in combination with the SMS Authentication.

The MAIL2SMS application supported by Spryngs’ SMS Gateway is providing a safe authentication solution in order to log in on networks and websites by means of the mobile phone. By replacing the physical token through an SMS message containing a password, persons can identify themselves easily and safe by means of SMS.

Through the SMS authentication system of Spryng, considerable costs can be economized because physical tokens belong to the past. The MAIL2SMS application of Spryng do not require any complicated procedures or implementation processes and is ready to be used within a few minutes.

Therefore, companys do not need to invest anymore in expensive hardware-solutions. Numerous of clients, amongst them tens of municipalities, of the worldwide providers of SSL VPN systems of SonicWall, SafeNet, RSA and Secure Envoy use the SMS authentication system of Spryng.

For more information regarding the SMS authentication or other SMS services of Spryng, please do not hesitate to contact +31(0)20 7703005 or go


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