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Spryng launches!

Spryng launches!

An even more customer friendly website and new features!

As a certified SMS provider, we at Spryng are always one step ahead to stay up-to-date. We guarantee a safe and fast SMS Gateway to our customers for, among other things, the optimazation of customer journeys. To underline our expertise, we have renewed Spryng’s website and customer portal.

‘There’s no second chance…

… for a first impression’ and that also applies to a business website. Spryng’s was ‘already’ three years old. For an innovative and communicative company like Spryng, it was time to review it again. Conclusion: we cherish what works well and improve where it can.

The new website is an even better reflection of who we are and what our core values are. For our customers we are the partner for the future, this is also reflected in the updated website by the extra focus on our expertise in the health, finance and logistics sectors and our new products. Our main focus will still be SMS, because we are convinced that SMS leads to the best results, nevertheless we will highlight our direct connection with WhatsApp for Business and RCS. With the new website we want to support our customers even better in deploying SMS and Messaging for their customers.

There are also some aspects that remain the same: our support department is still available 24/7 in multiple languages, security remains one of our top priorities and we still believe that a deal is a deal. 

Clear customer portal

With our customer portal we offer our customers the possibility to send SMS messages using our SaaS platform. It is possible to use features such as long SMS, DLR (delivery reports) and global coverage (1000 + networks). This portal has a fresh new design and there are also a number of technical options improved. 

Our services

As mentioned earlier, in addition to SMS, we will also highlight other products. The new look of our website offers space for all Messaging services, such as:

Through millions of messages per day in about 200 countries our customers get in touch with their customers. For example with an appointment reminder, an authentication message for extra security, or with Bulk SMS if you want to reach everyone at once. One simple SMS API from Spryng is enough to reach your target groups with SMS messages.

Rich Communication Service (RCS)
RCS is a communication tool that runs over mobile networks just like SMS. As a kind of alternative to Whatsapp and a modern successor to SMS, many additional features are possible with RCS. For example, sending photos, stickers and videos is supported, as are group discussions and insight into when someone types a message or has received it. This provides many opportunities for customer contact and customer retention. Together with a number of service providers around the world, including Spryng, Google is developing and rolling out this super secure communication technique globally. The service is currently being rolled out and can only be used by devices with an Android operating system in combination with Vodafone provider in the Netherlands. 

Whatsapp for business
Whatsapp offers customers the opportunity to use their own familiar way for two-way communication. Whatsapp for Business works on the basis of templates, it is possible to use these for common messages with ‘Quick replies’. This way you answer FAQ quickly and easily.

New collaborations & links

Together you are stronger, that’s why Spryng is always talking to potential partners, looking for added value and new connections for different target groups and solutions. Curious about our latest collaborations and links? Take a look at our news page. 


Spryng hopes that the renewed website and customer portal will better show who we are and what we stand for. Would you like to know what Spryng can do for your organisation? We are still available for you 24/7 at 020 – 770 3005. 

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