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Spryng expands to Singapore

Spryng expands to Singapore

In addition to the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom, Spryng will also start offering its services in Singapore from the beginning of 2016. More than 900 networks in more than 200 countries are connected to the platforms of Spryng, which means that bulk SMS can be sent worldwide trough Spryng.

Since 2006, Spryng provides its services via its Dutch platform to many Asian corporate customers, most of them located in Singapore. Therefore, the expansion to Singapore is a logical next step. With the new online platform, Spryng aims to better serve the needs of its Asian customers. The Asian market is an emerging market. Thus, the new platform provides an ideal means to extend the services Spryng offers to Asia.

“The expansion to Singapore concerns a very interesting development for Spryng, because this leads the company to open its first office outside of Europe. For Spryng, this is an excellent way to serve the needs of the Asian customers even better,”

says Faniëlle de Wit, Global Sales Manager at Spryng.

Spryng, founded in 2006, was established as a supplier of SMS messages to Dutch hospitals to minimize the large ‘no-show‘ problem in these institutions. Research from 2006 shows that around 5 to 10% of the appointments in Dutch hospitals are not met, because patients often simply forget their appointments. This results in a loss of more than 300 million euros, which is not declarable.

In the meantime, Spryng has proven that by sending appointment reminders by SMS, 50 to 75% fewer appointments were forgotten. By simply linking to the Spryng platform, Dutch hospitals could save dozens of millions of euros annually.

Meanwhile, the focus of Spryng is much broader than just the hospital market. Since 2008, Spryng is the specialist in providing SMS and WhatsApp services to the business-to-business market to make business processes more efficient. Every month, millions of SMS messages are sent through the self-service platforms, which all are designed in-house and are continuously evolving.

For more information about Spryng’s SMS services please call +31 (0) 20 7703005 or visit

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