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Spryng expands its services package with the WhatsApp tool

Spryng expands its services package with the WhatsApp tool

Spryng, worldwide business supplier of SMS services, has launched its WhatsApp desktop application last year. Through this WhatsApp tool, the customer service of every company can answer faster and more efficiently to the questions of its customers. Research done by the municipality of Terneuzen has proven that 100% of the citizens, who were in contact with the municipality through WhatsApp, indicate that they would use WhatsApp again next time. Apart from the fact that WhatsApp is easy accessible in comparison with Twitter and Facebook, the application offers the great advantage that beside text messages, also photos, videos, locations, links and sound recordings can be sent.

The webcare departments of many innovative companies in the Netherlands, including Transavia, KLM, Coolblue, Interpolis and SNS Bank, already use the WhatsApp possibility to communicate on a one-to-one basis with their clients. The reason that these companies concern the WhatsApp tool of Spryng as the ideal tool for their customer service, is due to the success of the app itself. In the Netherlands, WhatsApp has over 10 million users and it is the daily most opened app of smartphone users. Since the communication through the app exists of short texts, four out of ten Dutch WhatsApp users use the application to contact the customer service of all sorts of companies.

WhatsApp for Business

Through the WhatsApp tool of Spryng clients are assisted faster, which leads to a significant reduction of queue times for organisations. Furthermore, the communication is more effective due to the possibility to send pictures, videos, audio, location data and URLs. A customer can send for instance photos of an error message on a TV when the decoder is connected incorrectly. Additionally, the conversion is much higher via WhatsApp than via other means of communication, and URLs are always opened via WhatsApp, thanks to the trusted environment.

At the moment, there is a great demand for the WhatsApp desktop application of Spryng, and the clients of Spryng perceive the tool as very positive. Because WhatsApp is connected to a phone number, a connection with the CMS system enables them to have an on-going insight into which customer is communicated with. In addition, clients perceive WhatsApp as a personal service channel, given the fact that conversations occur privately. Customer consultants using WhatsApp are rated on average with 94/100 and WhatsApp as a webcare tool ensures a very high Net Promoter Score (NPS): more than 90% of the people approaching customer service teams via WhatsApp indicate that they would use WhatsApp again next time.

Spryng’s WhatsApp tool offers customer support the opportunity to communicate with multiple customers from one account. The tool can be integrated into their own software by means of an API. This integration does not require any complicated procedures or technical knowledge. The questions asked by customers via WhatsApp will arrive immediately and easily at the customer service team of an organisation on a desktop. Merely a computer is required; the use of the WhatsApp tool does not require any complicated procedures or technical knowledge. Multiple employees of the customer support team can make use of the web portal directly and simultaneously, leading to clear conversation management. The tool also offers the ability to set opening hours, allowing the phone number to go online automatically within these opening hours.

For more information about the WhatsApp desktop application or other SMS services offered by Spryng, please call Spryng at +31(0)20 770 3005 or visit the website:

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