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Spryng enters into partnership with Monaco BV

Spryng enters into partnership with Monaco BV

SMS Gateway provider for the business market Spryng has entered into partnership with planning software supplier Monaco BV.

Monaco BV is a provider of workforce management solutions focused on optimal scheduling of employees, flex workers and workplaces. With over 84.000 users, Monaco BV is one of the largest providers of WFM solutions in the Netherlands.

In the opinion of Monaco BV, a maximum savings potential can be achieved by the optimal involvement of employees in the planning process. The company does so by offering Employee Self-Service (ESS) via an employee portal and an App, as well as by offering the possibility to self-scheduling and informing or inviting employees via SMS. For sending SMS messages through the software of Monaco, the company has partnered with Spryng.

Spryng is specialized in providing SMS services for the business market, which are offered through different online platforms, namely,, and

In eight years Spryng obtained a prominent place in the mobile services sector. The power of Spryng lies in offering SMS services in an easy accessible and efficient way. The SMS services are designed in such a way that they unite with the wishes of the customer. Over 12.000 customers make use of the services of Spryng, 24 hours a day, in a very user friendly way.

SMS is the perfect medium to communicate with your employees concerning ad hoc activities or open shifts in the work schedule. Research shows that 98% of all text messages are opened and read immediately. For emails this is less than 40%. A great advantage is that the costs are very low compared to traditional media, such as making a phone call.


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