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SMS reminders increase customer engagement

SMS reminders increase customer engagement

Successful stories from companies that use SMS to send reminders are easily found. The great advantages for companies that use SMS as means of communication reaches across many branches.

ING recently conducted research into the effectiveness of reminders via SMS. They sent SMS messages encouraging customers to open an online message. The content of the SMS was a link to the online message about the repayment of their mortgage.

Sending an SMS appeared to be very effective. Of those who did not receive the SMS message, only half opened the online message. By sending an SMS this number increased by 27%. Resulting in two thirds of the number of customers that opened the online message.

“Almost two thirds (66%) of the customers opened a message after receiving an SMS, whereas without SMS only slightly more than half (52%) was reached.”

Previous studies have already shown that SMS messages are read more often and a lot quicker than e-mails. There is a great increase in companies that are beginning to experience the benefits of SMS for their specific branch and activities.

An SMS reminder can also be of advantage for your company. For example, SMS can be used to remind customers of their appointment, an outstanding invoice, orders and deliveries or such as shown in the case of ING; an unopened online message.

If you are interested in learning more about the possibilities of SMS for your company, then take a look at the various SMS services on our website today. For further questions and/or personal advice for your business you can always contact the team at Spryng on +31 (0) 20 770 3005 or by e-mail to

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