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SMS messaging: a solution even in winter!

SMS messaging: a solution even in winter!

Winter is just around the corner and with it not only lots of fun, but also black ice, cold and snow. One more reason for a number of companies to inform their customers well. Sending text messages at the right time can prevent many inconveniences, especially during the winter season.

Wintry applications of SMS service
As an SMS provider Spryng knows that winter is the perfect season to provide SMS services to your customers. For example, in the automotive industry, but also for municipalities and retailers, SMS with up-to-date information is an effective way to relieve customers. Below are a few examples where the use of SMS increases customer satisfaction and security.

SMS in the automotive industry (dealers and repair shops)
As a car dealership or repair shop you can use an SMS gateway to communicate with your customers before and after a visit to your repair shop. A simple and appropriate way of communication to increase customer satisfaction.

  • Summer or winter tires?

Does the temperature drop below seven degrees Celsius? Then it’s time for winter tires. With an SMS you will warn your customers in time to make an appointment and this is of course also possible at the end of the winter, before switching to summer tires. This way, your customers will drive safely into the winter and the car tires will have a longer life.

  • Vehicle testing regulations

The appointment for the vehicle testing regulations control can be made easily and quickly by automated SMS messages. This way you also keep control of your own planning and there are fewer last-minute requests that have to be pushed in between.

  • Winter and summer check

Nowadays many people go to the mountains in winter for skiing. It is recommended to have an additional maintenance of the vehicle done in advance, so that the winter sports enthusiasts (and the car) are well prepared for the journey. Remind your customers in time to have a winter check done in your repair shop.

  • Repair completed? Pick up your car!

Simple and effective: send an SMS to indicate that the vehicle is ready and can be picked up at the garage or dealer. Not only is this faster than calling, but you can also be sure that you are not disturbing your customer.

SMS in winter weather
In case of snow or sleet, it is especially important that the roads remain passable and safe. Therefore, communities and districts want to be able to react appropriately to weather conditions. They can use a road weather model that combines the current weather forecast with the surface temperature of the road. This way accurate predictions can be made about the smoothness and whether or not to grit the road. Alarm messages can then be sent to the gritting services via SMS in no time at all to ensure that road users continue to enjoy safe traffic conditions.

Promotions around the holidays
Sending an SMS in winter not only increases security. SMS can also significantly increase retail sales. You can send special offers or marketing campaigns to your customer base via SMS. Especially the winter and Christmas time with days like Black Friday, Christmas and New Year’s Eve offer an effective way to lure customers into your store or online store. And if you don’t have any specific promotions for your customers yet, an SMS in December is also perfect for sending Christmas or New Year wishes to your customers.

More information about SMS (in every season)
Would you like to know what Spryng can do for you and your customers with its SMS services in winter as well as in summer? We would be happy to advise you! Contact us at +31 20 7703005 and save time and money for you and your customers.

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