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SMS in the corona crisis? A great solution!

SMS in the corona crisis? A great solution!

Also for the logistics and financial sector

Due to the corona crisis, many organizations are forced to reorganize their business processes and communication, also in logistics and finance. The number of online orders and deliveries is higher than ever and as a result the number of online and debit card payments is higher than ever as well. SMS is an indispensable factor in streamlining these complex logistic processes and ensuring secure payment transactions.

The corona crisis is accompanied by lockdowns, quarantine and working from home. Many people avoid stores whenever possible.  All this is causing an explosive growth in the number of online orders, from daily groceries to Christmas gifts. No wonder, that as a result, the work pressure at logistics companies and delivery companies is increasing significantly and online payment and banking is top of mind for financial institutions.

The Last Mile: SMS increases successful delivery

The importance of up-to-date planning at the beginning of the supply chain and the fact that there is someone at home at the end of the chain to take on a package is even greater during these corona times than before. Especially in The Last Mile, the last part of the route a package has to take, it comes down to whether someone is at home to take the order. If this does not work out, it will cost time and money.  And in the case of large numbers of parcels, these additional costs can be enormous. 

SMS for transport and logistics

SMS messages help to quickly and successfully complete the large number of orders that need to be delivered on a daily basis. With an SMS service you reach the right people with the right information at the right time. To report when and at what time a package is delivered ensures tight planning at the beginning of the supply chain and at the end. The receiver can then make sure that someone is at home, this way a lot of costs are saved.

Safe and secure payment with SMS

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, retailers ask their customers to pay by debit card as much as possible. At the same time, the number of online purchases is increasing. SMS provides extra security, for example when logging into your online banking app. By means of a unique code sent by SMS, the bank knows for sure that the person who wants to log in is the right person. Confirmation of payments are also made extra secure by, for example, transmitting TAN codes via an SMS message. Because receiving an SMS on your smartphone is fast, safe and always at hand.

Fast and secure communication with SMS

SMS is an effective and fast way of communicating, that is a fact. Research has shown that 9 out of 10 people read an SMS message within three minutes of receiving it. This is in contrast to emails, of which only 24% are opened in the first hour after receipt (and some emails are never even opened). The argument that older people are more difficult to reach with SMS is also long overdue. Especially among the elderly, SMS appears to be an effective means of communication that is well read. 

In short, sending an SMS message from your organization is an easily accessible and non-intrusive way of transferring information and ensuring safe payment transactions.

Communicate effectively via our SMS Gateway

Would you like to know how our SMS services can make your business processes and communication flows safer and increase customer satisfaction? Spryng is happy to think along with you about effective and safe solutions. Feel free to contact us: +31 20 770 3005

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