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SMS as a marketing tool for special promotions

SMS as a marketing tool for special promotions

On Friday the 23rd of November it’s that time of year again: Black Friday. In the United States it’s a phenomenon, where as this trend has only just started in the Netherlands. Although there is a yearly increase in retailers actively promoting Black Friday in the Netherlands, compared to the US, we are lagging behind when it comes to discounts, mega sales and promotions. Black Friday is an example of a mega sale that you would like to inform your customers about. Have you already figured out how you wish to do this? SMS is the ideal way to inform your target audience in a quick, effective and personal way.

Black Friday
Is the day after Thanksgiving, people get up early and go to the stores to shop for mega discounts. When the shop doors open, customers already waiting outside run in, hunting for ultimate bargains. Although stores often have promotions, the discounts that apply during Black Friday are unique. This is because the discounts are exceedingly higher than during any other sales. In addition, not only the products that have been in store for a longer period of time are discounted, as is customary during a normal sale. During Black Friday new products are also priced at a low price. In the Netherlands this is comparable to the “Dolle Dwaze Dagen” of the Bijenkorf. As a retailer you will want to inform your customers directly about these upcoming discounts and promotions.

SMS marketingtool feestdagenPromoting the holiday season has become more popular over the last years. At the moment, retailers predominantly use the same marketing channels such as banners, website promotions and social media. As marketing has become more important during the holidays, it has also become essential to be proactive and to distinguish your brand from the rest. One way to stand out is to send bulk SMS to your customers. By doing so you can differentiate yourself from your competitors. By sending the SMS to your customer base, you directly reach the people who have already shown interest in your products and brand in the past. This allows you to attract both your current and potential customers.

In addition, you can make the SMS personal! The SMS service at Spryng makes it possible to send a personalised SMS. If in the past you have subdivided your customer base into different segments, you can even compose an SMS for each target group and respond to their needs. A major advantage of SMS is that the open rate is 98% and 90% of the SMS messages are even read within 3 minutes. The high open rate in combination with the speed with which messages are read, makes SMS extremely suitable for reaching your customers quickly and effectively. Spryng wants to help you use SMS in a smart way; grabbing the attention of your consumer with your message amongst all the other promotions out there.

Would you like to stand out as a (web)shop by using SMS for the holiday season, promotions or special discounts? Spryng is happy to help you set up a marketing campaign, to inform your customers about your sales and discounts via SMS. For personal advice, please contact the team at Spryng today via +31 20 7703 005 or by e-mail at

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