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SMS and festivals

SMS and festivals

Over the last couple of years many companies have implemented innovative tools to improve business processes and to renew their product/service portfolio. This innovative trend is also evident in the field of SMS. This communication channel is, for example, frequently used in various ways during festivals and events.

SMS festivalsFestival organisers are faced with several problems, which are easily solved by sending an SMS. For example, festival organisers struggle to reach their target audience, whilst accurate and continuous communication with festivalgoers is becoming increasingly important. This target group is already flooded with online content and an overview is therefore quickly lost. So how can a festival organisation make a difference?

By e-mail and via social media, communication messages are often cluttered by the many other posts and messages that this target group sees. A message via SMS, on the other hand, has an open rate of 98%, and 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of receiving them. As festivalgoers only receive a minimal amount of SMS messages, the awareness of an incoming SMS messages is even higher.

The overall mobile personal experience also plays an important role. The Amsterdam based start-up GUTS Tickets offers a creative solution. GUTS is a ticketing platform and therefore has the personal data of festival visitors. GUTS enables direct communication between artists and festival visitors by allowing artists to send personalised SMS to the entire audience or to specific visitors. This creates an extra experience during the festival. The comedian Jochem Myjer recently sent the visitors to his show an SMS to welcome them prior to the performance.

GUTS Tickets provides an innovative and new service during the purchase process of the tickets. Festivalgoers no longer receive hardcopy paper tickets, but the transaction is linked to the visitor’s mobile. The visitors receive a code on their mobile by SMS with which they are admitted to the festival area. GUTS hereby eliminates one of the hassles that many visitors experience when going to an event. Moreover, a ticket cannot be resold above the original price, as a result GUTS helps prevent usury and fraud.

It is also possible to pay by SMS for the tickets through a payment link in the personalised SMS message. This payment link gives direct access to order and pay for festival tickets with a mobile phone. The majority of festival visitors are students who generally don’t have much money to spend. By offering the possibility to pay for a festival ticket in instalments, the threshold to buy a ticket and attend a festival is lower.

Festival organisers want to create an optimal experience for their visitors. Visitors can therefore choose to pay for a locker prior to the festival. The main advantage of this is that they won’t have to queue at the festival itself to pick up a key or code. Instead, they receive the code for their purchased locker a day in advance by SMS on their mobile.

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