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Real estate agents, take advantage of SMS service

Real estate agents, take advantage of SMS service

Pararius Office saves brokerage time and money by partnering with Spryng

It is no secret that Spryng’s SMS service has dramatically reduced the number of no-shows in healthcare. But also in other sectors time and money can be saved by using SMS as an appointment reminder. For example in real estate. At Pararius Office they know this like no other.

Pararius Office develops user-friendly software for real estate agents. It allows you to put properties online on relevant housing websites very quickly, manage all properties from one system and don’t waste time on unnecessary administrative tasks. This way you can work efficiently and as a real estate agent you can fully concentrate on renting and selling houses. More and more real estate agents use the Pararius Office software, which can be fully customized to the individual needs of a real estate agency.

Reduce the number of no-shows with SMS

A number of Pararius customers also use SMS to remind prospective tenants or buyers of their viewing appointment. This is a smart move, because only a few viewings per day can be scheduled. By sending an SMS you offer interested parties an extra service, reduce the number of people who don’t show up and avoid ‘gaps’ in the day.

“With SMS you avoid no-shows and come across as more professional.
In short: the perfect way of communication for the real estate agent!”
– Joël van Delden, Pararius Office

The appointment for a viewing is confirmed by SMS and just before the viewing day the prospective tenant or buyer receives a reminder by SMS. You can also mention in the SMS which real estate agent you have the appointment with. That makes the SMS message more personal. In short, sending an SMS ensures optimal customer service. And it is arranged via the Pararius Office within seconds!

Confirm appointment and reminder by SMS

Such a reminder via SMS has already proven its services in healthcare, where the number of no-shows has been drastically reduced by the use of SMS. This also works well in real estate. Because for a viewing a lot of effort is made by both the broker and the landlord/seller. If an interested party does not show up, this costs unnecessary time and money. In addition, as a real estate agent with SMS service you make a professional and contemporary impression with your clients if you send standard appointment confirmations by SMS.

Free SMS service for real estate agents

Pararius Office believes in the added value of SMS to make brokers work more efficiently. Spryng takes care of the right technique and a flawless execution of the SMS service. Joël van Delden of Pararius Office: “Since the beginning of 2020 we offer the SMS service free of charge to our clients. With this service we hope to stimulate the use at real estate agents. Besides that I think Pararius Office can help them automate their processes so there is more time for more important matters”.

The free SMS service of Pararius Office runs until January 1st 2021. Are you interested? Call Pararius Office on +31 (0)20 237 47 17 or send an email to

SMS solutions for every sector

Would you also like to know if Spryng’s SMS services can save you money and time? We like to think along with you. Call or SMS us on 020 770 30 05 or send an email to Marc (

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