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Quercis uses SMS for customers and own employees

Quercis uses SMS for customers and own employees

Quercis helps organizations make complex business software transparent. The company delivers practical and innovative solutions for all kinds of issues. Every situation often requires a slightly different solution. As an information consultant and Exact partner, they streamline and optimize business processes on a daily basis. “With us there is no ‘yes and amen’, but a team that thinks along critically.” Spryng’s SMS Gateway helps them do this with Two Factor Authentication (2FA). But, SMS is also used for Quercis’ staff, for example at lunch. 

SMS Gateway available for everyone
Quercis’ business portals currently use Two Factor Authentication (2FA). This is an extra security feature using an SMS with a unique one-time code. But employees also use Spryng’s SMS service, for instance to log in to the company’s lunch portal. “Since the corona pandemic, we have a maximum number of people allowed in the office. To make this transparent for everyone, we created a lunch and attendance registration system using our Quercis Business Portal. Through the portal, our colleagues can easily indicate whether they are present or not, and whether they are joining us for lunch. This way, everyone knows exactly if the maximum number of attendees has been reached. If you are within the network, you can simply log in with your username and password. Outside the network we use 2FA. So not only do our clients use Spryng’s SMS service, we do too.”

“The implementation of the SMS service went very smoothly. We also see new possibilities for the future, which is why we would like to deepen the cooperation with Spryng.”

– Jan Schonewille

The benefits of SMS
Quercis’ customers use Two Factor Authentication and it works very well. Quercis therefore intends to further apply the SMS service in business portals and for notifications. “On our HRM portal, for instance. There, we can use SMS notifications to let personnel know that their salary slip is ready. Or that a leave request has been approved. But with a simple SMS notification we can also let colleagues know that an invoice is ready for approval. In the credit management portal of Quercis, you can deploy a notification when an invoice is approaching its deadline to be paid. And so there are many more possibilities per customer and department that we would like to explore further.”

“We have chosen Spryng as our SMS provider because it is the leading party in the market.”

– Jan Schonewille

Want to know more about SMS for your customers or employees?
Quercis shows with its innovative applications that SMS is much more than 160 characters. Also for your organisation, Spryng’s SMS Gateway can save time and money. And make the lives of your customers and employees easier. How? We would like to explore that with you. Without any obligation, of course. So contact Spryng at or via + 31 20 770 3005.

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