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ORTEC & Spryng offer optimal support with flexible planning through SMS

ORTEC & Spryng offer optimal support with flexible planning through SMS

Amsterdam, July 22th 2015. Dozens of large and small healthcare institutions use the SMS Gateway of Spryng to communicate with employees from Ortec Harmony concerning Ad Hoc activities and/or open shifts in the planning.

Ortec offers optimal support with flexible planning through the Harmony system, whereby the specific wishes and preferences of the employees are taken into account, as well as laws and regulations.

The flex pool planner of a healthcare institution has direct insight in which employees are qualified and still have working hours available through Ortec Harmony. Subsequently, the flex pool planner offers the job to be confirmed to the flex worker per SMS. The flex worker can choose to confirm the job or not.

SMS is the medium that is ideal to communicate with employees concerning Ad Hoc activities or open shifts in the planning, given that research proves that 98% of all SMS messages are opened and read directly.

With e-mails, this percentage is less than 40%. Thus, the attention value of an SMS is much higher than with e-mail. Another great advantage is that the costs are particularly low in comparison to traditional media, like making a phone call.

The power of Spryng lies in the fact that the SMS services are offered on an easy accessible and efficient basis, and are designed in such a way that they join the wishes of the clients. The linking SMS Gateway of Spryng to the Ortec Harmony system require no technical knowledge or complicated procedures and is therefore realised in just a few minutes.

Through years of experience and intense cooperation with large and small care suppliers, Spryng is the specialist in healthcare in the field of delivering SMS services to the healthcare sector. Next to the before mentioned application, Spryng also delivers SMS appointment reminders to reduce the no show and OTP (two way), that is SMS Authentication, to secure systems like patient lobbies extra. The SMS Gateway of Spryng is both connected standardly to the Multi Factor Authentication systems by among others RSA, Safenet, SMS PASSCODE, Secure Envoy and Sonic Wall as well as Hospital Information Systems and EPD’s by among others Chipsoft, McKesson, SAP, EPIC, CSC and Cloverleaf. The majority of the SMS services can be used within several minutes through this.

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