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Optimisation in the hospitality industry

Optimisation in the hospitality industry

A text message is easily sent and is quick. In the hospitality industry the effectiveness of using SMS is high. Via the SMS Gateway customers can proactively be updated about their reservation or informed of a special promotion or event.

How simple yet how handy is it to be reminded of your dinner plans tonight, by the restaurant where you booked a table two weeks ago? The SMS might inform you of the nearby parking options. You are reminded of the exact time the restaurants will be expecting you, and it saves you time looking up where to park! Increasingly restaurants are using the simple SMS service by Spryng to maximise hospitality, and to reduce the number of no-shows.

Increase in turnover
Sending an SMS notification, as a friendly reminder is not only pleasant for your guests, but it also ensures that people show up on time. In addition, thanks to the super simple reply option in the SMS, it is possible to cancel your booking on time and allowing room for a new reservation to be made. Often the barrier to call up and cancel a reservation is too high, replying by SMS is so much easier and solves this problem.

Reducing costs
Reducing the number of no-shows is a popular topic in the hospitality business. The simple reason being that empty tables cost money. Making it mandatory to fill in your credit card details is a way to recover the costs in case of a now show, but it can also discourage booking a table in the first place. A much friendlier, and prove to be just as effective solution, is to remind customers via the SMS Gateway of their reservation in time. This offers them the possibility to cancel in due time.

Benefits of SMS
As the majority of modern society seems to be united with their mobile phones, it will not surprise you that SMS messages are read faster and better than e-mails. Mobile Marketing Watch substantiated this in 2017 with astonishing statistics: the open rate of an e-mail is just under 20%. The open rate of an SMS is 98%.

Summing up, the added value of SMS for the hospitality industry is extremely high. Start today with Spryng’s SMS Service! For questions you can contact us at + 31 (0) 20 770 3005 or send an e-mail to Our support team is happy to assist you 24/7!

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