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Momo Medical uses SMS as backup for a safe healthcare environment

Momo Medical uses SMS as backup for a safe healthcare environment

Good care is all about people helping each other. These words are right in Momo Medical’s lane. This innovative Delft-based company uses the latest technologies to support night shifts at nursing homes. In this way, the company makes the work of care providers more pleasant and more efficient. And the residents get a better night’s sleep in a safer environment. SMS is used as a smart back-up system and means of communication for care providers on the work floor.

Lead Marketing at Momo Medical, Jorien de Jonge: “Care workers are central to all the solutions we deliver.” To illustrate this: for nursing homes, Momo Medical has developed a sensor to place under the mattress which takes measurements to provide a safe environment for residents with dementia. The sensor measures, among other things, when someone is restless or gets out of bed while he or she is actually unable to do so independently. The sensor reports unusual (sleeping) behaviour to the care worker, so that he or she can check whether everything is alright. The big advantage is that caregivers do not enter the room unnecessarily, so the residents are not disturbed in their sleep. This also gives the caregivers more peace of mind, as they do not have to constantly enter all the rooms. An app sends a signal as soon as there is an alarm. In this way, the carers keep an overview and know exactly when someone needs help.  

SMS message in case of wifi failure

The pressure on care is high and it is important that care workers can fully rely on the system. Momo Medical’s solutions are therefore completely safe. They provide grip, overview and support to care providers by supplying them with the right information at the right time. This way, they can do their work with peace of mind, even in the event of a wifi malfunction (the sensor works via wifi). In that case, the care worker automatically receives an SMS message informing him that the system is not working properly. Momo Medical cleverly uses Spryng’s SMS API as a back-up system; since an SMS message is sent via the phone (and not via wifi), the safety of the system is guaranteed. Because in healthcare, you have to be able to fully rely on the technology that is being used, even in the event of a failure. Only then can you be able to fully optimise processes and provide better care. 

“The cooperation with Spryng is very pleasant. We always have short lines and fast communication. That works very well..”

Thomas Bakker, Lead Product Development (Momo Medical)

About Momo Medical

Founder Menno Gravemaker got to know the challenges of the night shifts in nursing homes when his grandmother went to live in a nursing home. The night shift is responsible for up to 40 residents and cannot be everywhere at once. This is where Momo Medical offers a solution. Their aim is to develop handy solutions that support the night shift, enabling them to provide a safe and calm environment for the residents of nursing homes. By working with the night shift at nursing homes, the Momo Medical team learns about their challenges. The company now cooperates with various care institutions in the Netherlands. All equipment is developed and produced in the Netherlands.

Working more efficiently and safely with SMS

By developing new technologies with the people who use them in mind, Momo Medical is creating a more efficient and safer way of working for care providers. And the SMS notifications sent in case of emergencies provide even more security within this process. After all, SMS is a fast way of communicating that does not require a Wi-Fi connection.

The cooperation between Spryng and Momo Medical shows that inventive solutions are not necessarily complicated. Spryng’s SMS API is easy to integrate into any (healthcare) organisation. And that gives new opportunities to optimally support clients and staff.

SMS service: effective for every sector

Sending an SMS is effective, low-cost and interesting for many companies and sectors. Do you want to know exactly what the advantages of SMS are for your organisation? Spryng makes an assessment for you free of charge. We have years of messaging experience in many sectors and for different applications. We like to share our knowledge. Call +31 20 770 30 05 or mail for an informal talk or an appointment at your place or ours. We will then confirm this by SMS.

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