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Naomi: “It was immediately clear: this is going to be hard work, but also a lot of fun.”

Work at Spryng
Naomi: “It was immediately clear: this is going to be hard work, but also a lot of fun.”

Naomi Vonk about working at Spryng.

Naomi Vonk proves to her colleagues at Spryng that technology is not boring at all. She is ambitious, cheerful, fashion-conscious and always knows where to find the best hospitality hotspots. And oh yes, she is also our Partnership & Business Development Manager. This means she is responsible for the inbound and outbound sales and the onboarding process of all Dutch customers. She is also co-responsible for Customer Support and supervises our Dutch trainees. Not enough Naomi? Nope. Because she also has a BHV certificate and is a certificate holder for fire emergencies (BBMI). 

How it all started
"I started at Spryng in 2019 in the support department. I can still remember my job interview. I immediately clicked with Eva who completely understood that I didn't want a cookie with my coffee after spending my vacation in Bali. And I had the best conversations with Alexander and Marc about travelling, the hospitality industry, Amsterdam and of course, the business. It was immediately clear to me: this is going to be hard work, but also a lot of fun."

The run-up to it
"After graduating from my master's in Corporate Communication at the UvA, I worked at a marketing agency for two years, and in addition I have always worked in the hospitality industry. Working for a tech company was a huge transition for me, with trial and error. But now I dare to say that I know everything and I am proud of that. Last year I moved on to sales, which I really enjoy! It doesn't matter if you sell a bottle of wine or an SMS, does it? The feeling remains the same :)."

Parties and trust 
Naomi loves shopping and has a passion for food and hospitality. You could say she is TheFork of Spryng. Want a good restaurant tip? Ask Naomi. As a colleague, she is also always willing to help out or go for the extra mile. In short, a hard worker and enthusiastic colleague who has found her way at Spryng: "The nice thing about Spryng is that everything is possible for employees. If you have new ideas or would like a different job, they always tell you to go for it. That gives a lot of confidence. In addition, the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after work drinks and legendary Christmas drinks are of course also a party!"

The future
"It is my goal to become Country Manager NL. Then I will not only be responsible for sales but also for the strategic direction of Spryng in the Netherlands. I always have to laugh at what Alexander says: 'We picked you from the terrace and soon you might be Country Manager'. That would be great, wouldn't it!"

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