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Integrate digital communication channels such as SMS for your wine exhibitions

Integrate digital communication channels such as SMS for your wine exhibitions

Wine is part of the French culture for centuries now and every year there are many wine exhibitions all over France. Wine exhibitions are especially made for people who want to taste new, different wines and flavours and in addition to that people have the opportunity to buy a bottle of their favourite wine for a special price. At these events you can also meet the people from the ‘Château’ and they can tell you a lot more about the whole wine making process. Unfortunately, it seems like fewer people are interested in going to these exhibitions or they don’t know the specific date and time of the occurrence. This is where sending SMS messages can help. As an organisation of a wine exhibition you can proactively send SMS messages to increase the frequency of the event and to increase the experience of your customers.

Before the exhibition


As said, fewer and fewer people are interested in going to wine exhibitions. This is because of the big misconception that wine exhibitions are often associated with ‘old people’. It’s a misinterpretation because the younger generation appreciates wine as well. Research has even shown that 40% of the 15-24-year-old and 57% of the 25-34-year-old of the French population are occasionally consumers of “bon vins”, which means that they are definitely interested and appreciate high quality wines. As the organisation of the wine exhibition you can send SMS messages to inform potential customers about your organisation and the upcoming events.


You can use SMS alerts to remind your (potential) customers by sending them all the information about the event, such as the scheduled date, the time, the location and how to accommodate. You may do so, for example, a week or a day before the event takes place. Using SMS messages shall result in a lot more visitors and especially attract the younger generation. After all, this audience wants to stay connected all the time by using their mobile devices 24/7.


Not only can you remind customers about the date and time, you can also promote your exhibition by SMS. For example, you can notify people about which “Châteaux” will be presented at the event. This is a great way to improve the attraction of the occasion because people often come for specific wines in which they are interested. This is your chance to trigger them!

During the exhibition

Customer experience

SMS is not only useful during the preparations towards the event, but also during the event itself. For example, if something special is happening at a specific stand during the exhibition, it’s possible to notify the visitors at the event by SMS. Special performances will create a better customer experience. This makes the exhibition more attractive for the younger crowd and by combining this with using a communication channel; you will stay connected with the people at the event.


Sending SMS messages for promotion is also profitable during the event. For instance, it’s possible to promote a specific wine at a particular stand, with a discount via SMS, and this will create an influx of people at the stand. Therefore, this is a great way to improve your sales! It also offers you the possibility to measure the increase of visitors and permits you to have more frequent visitors.

Higher revenue

Some people will may not purchase any wine at the end of the exhibition because they have tested too many different wines. Making a decision to choose their favourite wine after a large testing may be quite difficult. But this doesn’t mean they are not interested in these particular wines and they are not going to buy some in future. The solution to encourage them to purchase after the exhibition is to send them a SMS reminder including a promotional code and a link that corresponds to the wine they have tasted during the event. This way, after receiving this SMS message, they will be able to buy wines online using the link you sent them in your SMS message. This can even be sent the day after the event.

Customer survey

Last but not least, SMS messages can be quite useful for doing research amongst all visitors. It allows you to improve your future event, and gives you the opportunity to ask them about their experience during the even. How they felt about the atmosphere and what their thoughts were about few specific wines.

SMS offers many possibilities! Do you want to improve your communication and visibility to wine customers by sending SMS? Do you want to optimise their experience during your wine exhibition? Do not wait any longer and contact Spryng today via +31 (0) 20 770 3005 or We are specialised in SMS services and have a professional team that is happy to advise you!

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