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In this way SMS contributes to a healthy society

In this way SMS contributes to a healthy society

The SMS service of PharmaPartners as a vaccination reminder

IT company PharmaPartners has been building care systems for GPs, GP outpatient clinics and pharmacies for forty years. Or, as they say themselves: “Connecting ICT for primary care providers and patients”. The company has been using the SMS Appointment Reminder Service for its customers for some time now. Recently, PharmaPartners has also used the SMS service as a reminder for the flu shot and pneumococcal vaccination.

The SMS Appointment Reminder Service

The SMS Appointment Reminder Service of PharmaPartners is a fully online platform, which is linked to the system of their customers, the general practitioners (posts). They can use it to automatically send appointment reminders by SMS to their patients. A fast and effective service that benefits both patients and healthcare providers. Because patients get to the right location more often and on time through such an SMS message, it is saving the healthcare provider a lot of time and money.

Full integration with healthcare system

PharmaPartners, like many companies working in or for the healthcare sector, has been using the SMS service via Spryng for some time now. But just like Spryng itself, the IT company is always looking for even smarter solutions for its customers. In the meantime, Spryng has fully integrated with PharmaPartners’ platform, making SMS sending by their customers even more efficient and faster. The application possibilities of SMS have also been extended to vaccination inhibitors.

Reminder for pneumococcal vaccination

Starting in 2019, PharmaPartners offered its customers the flu vaccination service. A service that optimized the selection procedure and the sending of letters to patients. This year this service will be extended with the Pneumococcal Vaccination Service, which will become an integral part of the Influenza Vaccination Service. It is a call to the population to be vaccinated. Not everyone responds to the call for the vaccinations. Therefore, the SMS Reminder Service can now be used as an addition to the Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccination Service. This addition ensures a demonstrably lower no show during scheduled vaccination appointments because the patient receives a reminder by SMS one day before the appointment.

Fewer no shows by SMS reminder

PharmaPartners’ Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccination Service means a considerable increase in the use of SMS, because every year some three million people in the Netherlands receive an invitation letter for the flu shot. From next fall the letter of invitation for the pneumococcal vaccination will be added. As an extra service for PharmaPartners’ customers, it is now possible to send patients a reminder SMS for the flu and pneumococcal vaccinations. A smart action, because not everyone responds immediately to the call for the vaccinations.

SMS service for a healthy society

The SMS service is a more careful, safe, fast and inexpensive way for caregivers to reduce the number of no-shows. And for Dutch people a simple way not to forget their vaccination. Because an SMS reminder sent one day before the scheduled appointment significantly increases the chance that people will answer the call. And that means something beautiful… namely reducing risks with the goal of a healthier society!

Tailor-made SMS solutions

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of integrating your IT platform with Spryng? Or about reducing the number of no-shows at appointments in healthcare? We help companies with customized SMS solutions, from service messages for logistics companies to commercial SMS for customers of retailers and webshops. Call Marc van Spryng for more information or a non-binding appointment. You can reach him on 020-7703005.

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