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Hedwig: “Our core values are visible in everything we do.”

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Hedwig: “Our core values are visible in everything we do.”

Head of Sales Hedwig Middelveld has her say

Like a whirlwind, Hedwig arrived at Spryng in August 2021. She immediately had 100 good ideas. For example, to innovate healthcare (one of her motivations). That energy did not diminish in the months that followed. On the contrary! Her work pace is high and she also knows how to communicate her growth vision clearly and enthusiastically to the team. Time for a closer acquaintance with this sparkling addition to Spryng. 

As head of sales at Spryng, Hedwig Middelveld is responsible for managing, guiding and coaching the sales team. She maps out the objectives and makes sure the team has the tools to achieve them. She continuously organises new projects to make sales activities as effective as possible. Together with Marc Rottinghuis (CEO), Alexander Wanders (CTO) and Sara Albisser (Operations & HR), Hedwig forms Spryng’s board of directors. Hedwig is a proud mother of three children, loves cooking and walking or cycling in nature. 

Personal and professional values
How does Hedwig feel about her new employer? “At Spryng, we do what we say and say what we do. We have clearly defined values that we live by. Not only because we believe this contributes to our clients’ success, but also because we think it makes work more fun and helps us attract the right people. Most people are more successful when they work at a company that strongly aligns with their personal values. At Spryng, we make sure as a team that our values come to life, even in our daily routine.”

Work hard, play hard
“At Spryng, we believe that a job is not just a job. It is also where you spend most of your time. That’s why we work hard but also provide relaxation and fun and celebrate successes. We want to make every employee the most successful version of themselves and provide support in every way possible to do so.”

Empowering people
“New employees will already experience Spryng’s values during the application process. Because for us, it’s not just about skills and experience. You also need a certain click, a ‘cultural fit’. We value the fact that people immediately feel ‘at home’ at Spryng. We promote a positive, engaged culture. This is also why people are told all about Spryng’s values from their very first day.”

Service, success and security
Hedwig explains Spryng’s three main values: 

Ultimate service
“Service is 100 percent embedded in all our processes. We provide 24/7 support and have in-house knowledge of every sector to advise, guide and support our customers. Everyone at Spryng feels responsible for delivering the ultimate service. But we also continuously guide and support people internally to perform as successfully as possible in their roles. How? We have an open and constructive feedback culture and make everything negotiable. We evaluate performance and give each other tips and tops. And we place great value on employee happiness: we celebrate successes, organise Friday afternoon drinks and good lunches. On top of that, we work with ‘Open up’. That is a platform that provides coaching facilities to ensure that everyone is not only successful but also happy at work.”

A deal is a deal
“We promise what we can deliver and then deliver it. When ‘onboarding’ new employees, this value is really on top of mind. Everyone is welcome to bring in new ideas and suggestions to help us grow, but if you commit to it, it’s a deal and we expect you to take responsibility for it. We help with that, of course. We monitor the progress of ideas and deals and discuss the status in weekly meetings. Everything for a successful delivery!”

Focus on security 
“Security and privacy is our core business. We offer a fully certified and GDPR-compliant solution, so in the ‘onboarding’ process, security and safety plays an important role. We have regular awareness sessions to ensure that ISO and NEN certifications are not just marketing words and everyone is aware of how they can contribute to it.”

Happy to help
Hedwig concludes the interview by saying, “Do you have any questions or are you curious about Spryng as an employer? Let us know! Because as you have just read: we are happy to help you.”

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